12 wordpress hacks to improve website
WordPress is the ultimate content management system (CMS). It’s services help power governments, education centers, and one-third of the internet!

Creating a WordPress website is a reasonably straightforward process. However, creating a website that will stand out and impress readers is far more challenging.

Luckily, there are a few WordPress hacks you can utilize that are sure to impress your readers.

Keep reading this guide to learn more about these WordPress tips and how they can help build up your audience.

1. Use a Responsive Theme

Few things are certain when it comes to building a WordPress website. With all the different features and plugins available, how do you know where to start?

The first thing to consider is the theme you plan on using. Whatever the theme you ultimately decide on – make sure it is responsive. According to a new report, it is estimated that by 2025, nearly three-quarters of people will access the internet exclusively from a mobile device.

Why not just use a mobile-friendly design?

Because a responsive design goes above and beyond – making sure it is optimally viewed on any device.

2. Monitor Comments for Spam

Any spam on your website can make it look illegitimate and fraudulent. Sometimes the spam is harder to find, though, like in the comments section.

Cleaning up the comments section will not only give your blog a more professional feel, but it will also help your SEO ranking. You can try to change your comment settings to manual approval – however, if you have too many spam comments to sift through, downloading an anti-spam plugin should do the trick.

3. Utilize Google Analytics

Google has many powerful tools for bloggers – one of the most critical for growth is google analytics.

This free tool is easy to use and can give you important insights into how well your website is performing. If you need help using the software, there is plenty of free resources online you can reference to learn more.

google analytics to improve website
Learn more about Google Webmaster Tools and how to upload Google verification file to WordPress.

4. Limit Login Attempts

Security is a significant component of your website that you should be prioritizing. Limiting the number of login attempts may seem like an afterthought, but it can help protect your site from unwanted attackers.

One of the most common methods of cyber attacks on websites is through the hacking of login information – hackers will use random combinations of usernames and passwords until they can breach.

Again, this can be solved by merely downloading a plugin.

5. Customize CSS (Even With a Theme)

The Cascading Style Sheets or CSS are the files that generate how the visuals of the website appear. Altering the CSS files can change the colors and feel of the website.

The CSS file can be found in your theme’s directory and then under the “Additional CSS” tab. For a simpler way, you can also download a plugin, such as simple custom CSS.

Customizing the CSS file can give your WordPress website a unique look that can stand out among the competition.

6. Download the Yoast Plugin

If you haven’t heard by now, the Yoast SEO plugin is essential for any WordPress website.

The Yoast SEO plugin can be used in addition to installing google analytics, not as a substitution. The plugin is loaded with features including:

  • Keyword optimization
  • Indexing
  • Content refresh reminders
  • Readability checks
  • Duplicate check
  • Technical configurations

And the best part is it’s free! They have a premium version that has even more features if you are interested.

7. Add a Gravitar

Having a gravatar on the internet is a must-have now. It is the little image that appears next to your name and follows you to every website.

Adding a gravatar will help users identify you and will allow you to create a brand for yourself.

8. Add Images to Your Posts

You may have the best information on a specific subject, but if you can’t relay that information to the user – they will go elsewhere.

recent study concluded that adding images to articles can increase views by 94 percent!

Adding an image to your posts can help connect the content for the user. Pro tip – Adding high definition images can hook users and draw them into the content even better.

9. Add Categories

Have you ever stumbled onto a website looking for specific content and can’t find it?

Adding categories can be a simple solution to this common problem. Many people use tags as an alternative, but these can get confusing and look like clutter.

Categories are much more straightforward – every post goes into a category allowing users to search for similar content within your website.

10. Stay up to Date

stay up date wp themes plugins
One of the easier SEO WordPress tips is to stay up to date on everything – from content to WordPress updates to plugins.

Keeping your content up to date will increase your search engine ranking and will also keep users engaged with your blog. Staying up to date with updates is critical for your website as many times, the updates include security patches to keep your site safe.

Plugins are also vital to stay up to date with as hackers can manipulate them if they are not kept up with.

11. Get Rid of Clutter

There are no excuses for having excessive clutter on your blog. It is a waste of time and will deter visitors from coming back.

It’s understandable that you want to present the user with all the knowledge you have, but the presentation of that content is more important. Try to keep it simple and use a simple and clear layout.

12. Add a Featured Content Box

A lot of times, when writing articles, there is the main idea you are trying to focus on and really to the reader. Adding a featured content box can show the user what the article is about and, in theory, draw them in to read more.

Affiliate marketers find featured content boxes to be helpful when gathering clicks.

Interested in Learning More About WordPress Hacks?

There is a lot to learn when it comes to starting your own WordPress blog. From themes to plugins, to content – it may seem overwhelming.

Following these few WordPress hacks will get you started on the right path.

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