a guide to implementing an seo strategy on wordpress

One of the reasons that WordPress is such a popular platform for creating websites of every shape and size is because it is famously SEO-friendly. This, coupled with the multitude of developing mechanisms and user-friendly design themes has resulted in over a third of all active websites being run by WordPress.

When you know how to correctly implement SEO strategies on the platform then your website is sure to reach a far greater audience The emphasis here is on the word correctly. Many people become lazy when it comes to their SEO keywords and placements which ultimately undermines the success of their website as well as the associated business or brand.

What is SEO?

The term ‘SEO’ is often thrown around but very few people actually understand the intricacies of what it entails. It stands for ‘search engine optimisation’. In short, this strategy exploits unpaid traffic by improving your website in a way that attracts a greater audience by means of identifying and including the key search terms and channels.

How Does This Relate to WordPress?

It should be noted that WordPress is not a quick and easy fix for your website’s SEO needs. Although it includes tools that are extremely useful to your average SEO novice, it is not quite enough to boost your website to the very top of the google search ladder. We share this information to inspire you to do your research – not to dishearten you.

If you do a substantial amount of research across a series of platforms on the topic of SEO and marry this knowledge with the tools offered by WordPress, you are already miles ahead of the majority of semi-professional websites.

Install an SEO-Friendly Theme

Choosing a theme that is not SEO-compatible on WordPress would ultimately defeat your goal of boosting traffic using SEO strategies. Furthermore, you need to ensure that the theme you choose does not contain a large number of scripts and plugins that you do not need. The reason for this is that they will ultimately slow down your website which hinders online traffic.

Install a WordPress SEO Plugin for Free

Without a WordPress SEO Plugin, your keywords and tags will not achieve the desired effect. The two main SEO plugins that are currently available for free are “Yoast SEO” and “All in One SEO Pack”. The plugin does not do the work for you. It simply assesses the effectiveness of your keywords, identifies weaknesses in your SEO strategy, and guides you on how to better structure your website.

Reassess the Visibility Settings of Your Website

When you consult the settings on your WordPress page, you will notice there is an option to prohibit search engines from indexing your page. This is commonly used to hide a site that is under construction before it’s filled with content or crypto thrills games. If, however, your site is complete then you want to ensure that this function is disabled as it will prevent your website from being ranked, and thus it will not appear in search results.