social media marketing tips guidesSocial media is the most important part of any marketing effort nowadays, but there’s just so much going on in there that it has also become one of the most difficult places to actually get the attention of your target crowd and retain it long enough to make an impression. To help you overcome this problem, here are three creative ways to make an impression.

Unique, High-Quality Content that Showcases Creativity

Now, one may ask what’s so unique and creative about high-quality images and videos because everybody has them, right? Well, you would be wrong to think so. A lot of the posts on social media by official pages include low-resolution images/videos, which are a bad idea in this day and age when even smartphones are sporting QHD displays. Then there’s the matter of images/videos that were poorly taken or edited, to begin with. However, the most important aspect of making your posts effective tools of social media marketing is the creativity behind it. The cover photo on your Facebook brand page is one of the first things that anyone sees when they visit the page, so you want it to be of the highest quality, but it also needs to have something that makes a lasting impression. To make your official page’s cover photos for Facebook stand out like that of the most influential brands, conceptualize an idea first and then get to work on it with the help of Adobe Spark, as it offers so many useful editing tools for the creative mind to make their ideas come into fruition.

Inspire Creativity through Change

It doesn’t matter how creative you or anyone else is, variety can only be achieved through change. If your social media posts are not hitting home at the moment, it might be a good idea to introduce some change by giving another creative employee an opportunity to try out their ideas. Even if your posts are doing well, it’s always a good idea to keep things varied by involving multiple employees into the mix and always trying out their unique, new ideas. Even ask for suggestions from customers at times and you may just find a grand idea.

Originality is the Key

If you keep sharing work done by others, your brand will never really be recognized for what it is or what it stands for. Create your own unique content most of the time and then share it. This will help you make an identity in social media and people who know your brand will instantly recognize your signature content, whenever they see it. Branding works best when people are able to recognize your signature style, without even seeing the brand name. For example, Old Spice ads are famous for being weird and funny at the same time and this has given the Old Spice marketing materials a unique and instantly recognizable personality in a world of men’s grooming product ads that feature attractiveness and masculinity as the main theme.

The basic rules of marketing are still the same, even today, as creativity, quality and execution are the main factors here. Going back to the basics and starting to innovate from there is how you are supposed to do it in marketing, be it on social media or on any other marketing platform.