3 sources of income to support your blogging careerYou can make it as a blogger. Hordes of people have done it before you, and you’ve got as much skill and experience as they did when they started. But it will take a while before you start earning enough money to live on.

Fortunately, there are many other ways to make money, that you can take advantage of even while you’re spending most of your time focusing on your blog.

These are 3 of the best sources of income you can use to support your blogging career.

1. Start Freelancing

You know how to write, edit, and proofread. These are all skills that companies are looking for. While your blog may not be connected to a product or company, for many others blogs are a popular tool to bring in customers. And you can make money off this.

Try a freelancing website like Upwork or Freelancer. Or use a job board to start sending pitches. It won’t take you long before you’re making a reasonable amount of money – just enough to support your blogging career until it really kicks off.

You’ll still be doing what you love, and it definitely does not need to consume all of your time.

2. Trade Forex and CFDs

Because of their accessibility, Forex and CFDs are the most popular markets to trade in. Seriously, all you need is a computer with an internet connection and a reliable CFD broker so that you can get started on a trading career.

No, you don’t have to be an expert in economics. You don’t need to start with any prior knowledge. All the resources you need are available online, and you can keep learning as you trade. It’s very intuitive and definitely possible to master.

Also, many people with full time jobs trade Forex in their spare time. It doesn’t need to be all-consuming.

Make sure you invest wisely with a reliable brokerage, and only trade with money you know you can lose.

3. Become a Tutor

The possibilities are endless for anyone with a high school education and a knack for education. If you can explain something reasonably well, you can become a tutor.

Many young people tutor kids in school or college who just need a little help with getting the grades they’re under pressure to achieve. You don’t need to be an expert, as their school will have given them all the resources necessary. You just need to help them understand those resources.

And you don’t have to tutor in person, either. Nowadays there are plenty of online courses and colleges that require English speaking tutors to help students from other countries. There are many positions available, and none of them require full time commitments.

Make an income blogging

Ultimately, these are all means to the ultimate ends of making an income blogging. However, you might get caught up in the joy of these alternative methods. They’re all possible to do with a great work from home lifestyle, and you can rake in the cash!