vpn is not only a tool it is a savior
The competition among the business organizations is increasing. It has become important for every organization to keep their information confidential and secure. The owners have to ensure that the important information and the secrets of business growth will not get into the hands of their rivals.

Some of the organizations can cross all limits to get the access to the hidden information of their rivals. In such situations, some use the help of hackers. In case hacking is not possible, they will simply send a link with a virus that will attack the system and all the information will be permanently destroyed.

If you have been in such situation, you must have got the termination letter. However, using the VPN technology you can protect yourself.

The Dead End

You might consider VPN as a tool used for online security but for some people it is a savior. Many individuals out there might have lost their jobs if it was not for the VPN. Here is my story I would like to share with you that will help you understand the importance of VPN in the digital world.

Once you start a job and give your best, it is hard to go on a vacation because your Boss wants you on their side all the time. It was my lucky day when my Boss allowed me to go on a vacation with my family. I spent the best days of my life with my wife and children. We went to Disney Land and I assured that my kids would experience new things that they can share with their friends.

Everything was PERFECT until on the last day of my vacation my Boss called and asked me to revise the BIG PRESENTATION to assure that there are no errors. It was for the company’s top client.  I worked hard on the presentation and did my best to assure that the clients and my Boos will appreciate my efforts. The only mistake I made was I emailed it to my own ID because I knew I was going to present it next week.

I was on my way back home when my Boss called me to deliver the presentation so he can have an overview. I assured him that I am on my way and I will deliver it as soon as I get back to the office the next morning.

I was satisfied that everything is going fine when our car broke down at night. We called for help and they said it would take a day to get fixed and our only hope was to stay in the hotel. Now I had to use the hotel’s internet connection to access the email because I knew I could not go to the office in the morning.

The internet of the hotel was extremely slow and I knew that only specific IP address could get the access to the official website of the company where I had to upload the presentation. Everything was destroyed. I used a proxy and it gave me the access to the portal but the slow internet was ruining everything when I had only 2 hours left to upload the work.


I called my friend to see if he could help me out and he suggested me to use FrootVPN.

  • I installed the application and registered for the free plan
  • After the VPN was connected to the server I typed the official email address in the portal
  • Within 2 minutes I was able to access the portal
  • The internet was slow and that is why it took me 5 minutes to upload the presentation

I called my Boss and apologized that I could not make it to the office today and that the presentation has been uploaded on the portal. After an hour my Boss congratulated me on my hard work and perfectly reviewed presentation. Since then VPN is a permanent software in all my devices.

The Road Ahead

vpn business privacy
Every business organization should have a strong VPN connection to avoid the intruders. It is the necessity of the present age if you want to keep your data protected. As the technology is enhancing there are chances that soon such VPN systems will be developed that will let us know the identity of the intruders. Until then it is our job to keep the systems and information secure.