3-website-building-tools-for-beginner-web-professionalsChoosing a website builder may be a more difficult task than you thought. Although inexperienced users may find most website builders to be practically the same, we assure you that there are many minor differences that may end up having a huge impact on the final product you create. This is why we think that every user who is looking into taking advantage of the capabilities of a website builder, must first do some research to find out which are the best website builders available on the web, and what are their pros, cons, features and pricing plans.

Due to the large number of website builders that claim to be the best, we’ve collected a small list of three of the best website building tools that can cater to the needs of both experienced and inexperienced users. These builders are completely free to use, but they also include paid subscription plans that provide paying user with access to limited themes, extra analytics tools and other utilities that can help create and maintain a more sophisticated website.


The first thing users see when they visit Makea.website is the builder’s slogan – ‘A website builder has never been so easy or affordable.’ As bold as this statement may seem, our experience with Makea.website proves that the authors didn’t make a mistake by putting this sentence in the front of their product! Makea.website’s builder is among the easiest to master, but this is owed to more than just its interface and toolbox.

Makea.website’s most major advantage is the modular structure of their templates. This allows users to mix pages from different themes together so that they’ll seamlessly blend into a finished masterpiece of web design. The themes are crafted by certified web designers and developers who certainly did their best to implement contemporary design features, sleek and convenient navigational menus as well as top-notch search engine optimization for all templates available for users to make a website. Regardless if you are in need of a company website, a sleek-looking photography portfolio or a personal blog to share your thoughts, you can rest assured that Makea.wesbite has the necessary themes, modules, and tools to turn your ideas into reality.


Webflow is another website builder whose user-friendliness is difficult to match. The website builder that this service offers is undoubtedly one of the best choices if you are new to web design and development. It requires zero programming skills, and all website editing and modifications are made via a visual interface. Users have complete freedom to change anything about the pre-made templates Webflow offers – colors, fonts, font styles, border styles, image positioning, etc. Webflow’s templates are responsive and their dynamic CMS is a great way to craft a website that can fit any niche – blogging, online store, company websites, portfolio, etc. If you are curious how websites built with Webflow turn out, then you should head to the ‘Showcase’ section on their website and see some of the astonishing creations their users managed to build.


Weebly is one of the well-established names in the website building field, and the number of their clients speaks well for the quality of their services. Weebly’s website builder may not be as advanced as that of Makea.website, but it still gets the job done without much hassle. Weebly features a rich library of website templates that are arranged in multiple categories to make it easier for users to pick a theme that matches their website’s purpose. Naturally, every theme can be modified according to the likenesses of the user, and all the magic happens via an easy-to-use visual editor.