Since its creation in 2005, Ruby on Rails, a powerful object-oriented programming language, has become a fundamental technology for many online projects by Microsoft, Apple, Shopify etc. Today we asked our programmers at Rubyroid Labs to explain what features distinguish RoR from other frameworks and make it an ultimate tool to fulfil any business ideas.


nikita rubyroid labs developer
“The syntax is simple, semantics are comprehensible,” says Nikita, our RoR developer.  “It’s easy to adopt, has no complex IDEs, no compilations, this framework is awesome”.


igor rubyroid labs developer“I chose RoR mostly because of the people around it,” says Igor, our full-stack developer. Many of our programmers, including Anna, Eugene and Alex, switched to Rails after trying some other options, like C++ or C#.

They agree that programming with RoR changes coder’s way of thinking. RoR uses the Model-View-Controller architectural pattern to design UI, so experienced Rails coders develop an MVC-centered approach. “The moment I see new feature specification, I instantly start to build models and controllers for it in my head”, shares Nikita.


alexander rubyroid labs developerAs Rails helps to form general vision of programming, many experienced developers suggest it to those who make their first steps in web development.

“Internet today is a collection of preset libraries that we use like bricks. So, you should first get an image of what components your project will consist of”, says Alex.


anna rubyroid labs developer
“Coding with it is like storytelling, smooth and elegant,” adds Anna.

“RoR programmers concentrate on the challenge rather than language. That helps to communicate with customers, who are usually not technically skilled, and meet their needs,” says Igor, 11 years Rails practitioner. “You need to stick to a strict structure when coding, that allows developing high-quality software really quick”, elaborates Eugene.

What about other frameworks? “Sinatra can be used for small projects, as it lacks Rails functionality”, says Alex. “Grape is great for APIs. Amber is very promising, but still has a long way to go”.

Scalability and stability of any app directly relies on the quality of the code. “Big advantage of RoR is that even junior or middle level programmer can develop a decent back end,” says Nikita.

“RoR allows error trapping, so the app becomes much more stable. It lets you scale at a go and easily write business logic,” explains Alex.

“You can introduce corrections to a project with a breathtaking speed and ease,” says Anna.

“You’ve got tons of libraries at your service,” adds Alex. “You simply fill a Gemfile with some of them, write a route.rb, some initializers, base creds — here you go! There’s an app running.”

Finding a RoR expert can be tricky, so at Rubyroid Labs we pay our utmost attention to it. We have carefully built our team since 2013, so if you consider using Rails for your product, drop us a line, and we’ll find a perfect solution matching your business goals.