4 cybersecurity trends to watch out for this yearThe last few years saw a vast array of cybersecurity-related incidents that left many devastated – the Ashley Madison hack being one of the headliners.

As technology continues to be used at a rapidly growing rate, it’s safe to say that 2017 and beyond presents a number of cybersecurity challenges. More hackers are starting to jump into the scene, and it’s becoming harder for people and companies to stay ahead of their attacks.

It’s fascinating to watch the cybersecurity market develop. Here are 4 cybersecurity trends to watch out for this year.

Cyber Criminals Keep Getting Smarter

This first trend is probably the scariest – hackers are getting smarter and more sophisticated in their attacks. They’re starting to communicate more with each other, which has led to breaches becoming harder to stop.

The latest tactic to hit the market has been a self-sustaining ransomware variant that infects a target, then automatically moves to the next.

It’s a challenge for people and companies to stay ahead of the bad guys these days, and it’s going to take a concerted effort to keep information protected.

Improvement in Cybersecurity Regulations

Cybersecurity regulations are finally improving, but they may need to happen even faster. As mentioned above, hackers are becoming more agile, which has forced cybersecurity defense to become more dynamic and quickly adaptable to new technology.

This is where software can be a big help. Internet monitoring and other cybersecurity software has now been mandated if in control of certain types and amounts of sensitive data. More regulations like this would be welcomed.

Regardless of anyone’s opinion, better regulations were desperately needed, and the direction they’re heading in is promising. The market just has to hope new regulations continue to add benefits and don’t hinder security programs in any way.

The Growing Internet of Things (IoT)

IoT is a fairly new term that’s become somewhat of the standard in peoples’ homes these days. Whether you recognize it or not, if you have any devices (your computer, TV, phone, etc.) connected to your Wi-Fi network, you have an IoT setup.

Everything these days is being added to the IoT: home security systems, thermostats, devices such as the Amazon Echo, and much more.

All of this creates more opportunities and windows for hackers to sneak into your network. It’s pretty crazy to believe that someone halfway across the world may be able to control the temperature in your house without your permission.

Smartphones and Portable Devices Are the Next Big Thing

Many people who have smartphones and other portable devices (iPads, Kindles, etc.) don’t think twice about a potential cyber-attack. They usually don’t realize that they’ve now become the target of many hackers with malicious intent.

The limitations of the ransomware listed above are endless. Could you imagine a world where someone could target your smartphone – while it’s in your pocket – and lock it so that you have to pay a fee to recover it?

This is where the majority of cyber-attacks are headed, and it’s imperative you know the risks so that you can keep yourself protected.


Cybersecurity isn’t quite yet something everyone has embraced as a normal part of everyday life, even though it should be. The trends in the cybersecurity market are both promising yet alarming at the same time. Understanding what they are and where things are headed can be a great way for you to stay as informed and safe as possible.