4-web-design-tipsMany of us are at a level that we understand the importance of a mobile responsive web design. At All My Web Needs, a Nashville web design firm, we know that slow upload times can take a toll on our bounce rate, and if people can’t easily navigate the site, then they’re most likely going to leave. Even with all of this knowledge backing us up, there are still a few angles that people seem to ignore when it comes to web design. Here are four secrets that keep people on the page.

1. Don’t start with beauty

Here’s the thing – many web designers spend too time making sure the site is beautiful. A beautiful site is great, but not completely necessary. Your number one priority should be getting to know your target audience. Work from there to design a practical look that is easy for them to use. Yes, a beautiful design will look good in your portfolio, but if consumers don’t connect with it or aren’t able to navigate through it, then all that work will be done in vain.

2. Know how colors impact your audience

Before you go out and hire a custom wordpress development team for your project you need to understand a few things. People psychologically react to colors and their placement. Yellow is the hardest color on the eyes, so you should never use it for text. However, it can make a powerful statement when incorporated in your logo. Blue shows a strong amount of trust and calms the mind, but certain shades are associated with being sick or under the weather. Red is passionate, green is healthy, and so on. The deeper you investigate colors and how your specific audience reacts to them, the better your design will be received. In the same vein, go ahead and look into how curves and sharp edges can impact your visitors.

3. Make it memorable

These days, people visiting your website expect more from you. Whether you’re building your own, or you run multiple sites, it’s time to take it up a notch. As our emails and social media outlets are filling up with consumer ads and newsletters, you have to stand out. By giving the user a memorable experience, you’ll build their trust. The days are gone that you can just ask someone to sign up for your newsletter. Now, you have to offer them something in return. Free shipping if they re-tweet a post, an entry for a contest if they sign up for your newsletter, or free white papers when you become a member is a few examples. The goal is to engage and interact as much as possible.

4. Treat content as more than text

Once you have your web design completed, then it can be easy to pat yourself on the back, throw your hands up in the air, and call it a day. But as a designer, your job isn’t done yet. Content needs your help. People share, stay on the pages longer, and engage more in content when it’s paired with something visual. In the last few years, it has been easy to find a mediocre stock photo and stick it with the content, but people have wised up and demand better. They want infographics, quality images, and impressive designs to share. When you pair your content with a great design, you’ll give your traffic a boost and your bounce rate will thank you. If you’re in the area and looking for a Nashville WordPress Development company look no further than All My Web Needs.