web designing tools every web designer uses
Web designing is a skill in itself. Given the importance of website to business, every owner now has their own websites where they market their products and services. This is where it is important to have quality web designs in order to acquire more customers cater the audience in a better manner.

Business owners hire web design company to get their websites ready. The professionals use different web designing tools to meet the demands of their clients. There are several online tools and applications to our disposal but there are few that stands out from the rest in terms of quality.

Here are four different web designing tools that every web designer uses:

1. Adobe Photoshop

This is a very popular tool amongst all the commercial designers out there. This is a highly reputable graphic editor available for Windows and Mac operating system. It is specifically created for professional designers as well as photographers for manipulating images and generating web graphics. It has all the necessary tools and options like filter that can allow you to alter the selected image as per your need. There are several workflow enhancement features as well.

2. Dreamweaver

Dreamweaver is a commercial application that all the web developers use. It is available for Mac and Windows operating system. There are various tools available which includes smart code hinting, syntax highlighting, project management, in-built FTP client, workflow options that assists in team work and an option of live view as well. It integrates easily with other Adobe products as well like Photoshop allowing you to share objects on different platforms for easy and quick editing of graphic components.

3. Fireworks

This tool is a vector graphics editor hybrid and a commercial raster that is available for both, Mac and Windows operating system. It is designed specifically for web designers bringing you a number of tools and options that makes full web layout prototyping very simple and easy. There are many notable features like ‘slices’ that can be used to create prototypes rapidly. It even has the ability to package an entire site design into a PDF. There is a plethora of optimization tools for your convenience and ease.

4. Panic Coda

panic coda homepage
This shareware web development application is for Mac OS X operating systems. It helps in reducing the amount of applications you need to develop websites and to enhance your team’s workflow. There is a tabbed interface for file transfers, text editing, CSS, SVN and a lot more. The interface is simple and interactive which facilitates the user in best possible way assisting them to develop websites according to their needs.


These were top four tools that every web designer uses. But this is not an exhaustive list. There are several other tools available as well, either paid or free which are used by web designers all across the world like Firefox Developer and Macaw. You can use these incredible tools to meet the demands of your clients.