logo design trends tips guidesMarketing your brand in a world full of competition and noise is not easy. Finding a logo that perfectly captures your business, its strengths, aims and ethos, is a major step in the right direction. When you are deciding on a logo for your business, remember to consider potential designs in the context of what you do. An idea may look appealing but if it’s not suited to your brand, it will not work. For instance, fun and funky may work for a new bar in town but not so much for a new legal firm.

You do not have to create your own logo; it helps to get expert assistance. Professionals in Sydney logo design can help you decide what your logo needs to suggest to people and what trends you may want to take a look at, for inspiration. Many ways to help making your business seen. A portable lighted business sign can allow you to help lure customers to come and have a closer look. More customers mean better business!

Creative Typography

This is not a new trend in logo design, but it’s one which is expanding. Designers often create their own typography as well as playing with styles that already exist. Cropped typography is a great idea for a modern tech firm, for instance. You can also draw into your typography, to include simple illustrations that represent your brand.

Keeping It Simple

You do not have to be overly clever to create a logo that works. Simplicity has always been popular in logo design and it always will be. Think about what your business is about and put the message out there, with just a few lines and perhaps a splash of colour.

Finding The Fun

This is one logo trend of 2018 that can really capture the imagination. The world can be a serious place sometimes, so if you have a business that is about bringing the sparkle back, like a custom toy store or a boutique hotel, why not inject some fun into your logo? Do not forget what you want to say but do it with energy and individuality.

Designs In A Grid

If you want to promote a sense of confidence, responsibility and reliability, using a grid design logo is a good idea. It’s all about creating impact in an ordered and non-fussy manner. High end retailers and finance or law professionals may find this logo trend appealing.

Going Back In Time

Not all trends are about being modern. Antique shops, old style cafe bars and retro clothing stores can often be best served by a logo design that reflects time gone by. There are several ways that you can go back in time when designing a logo for your business. Think about images and writing styles that were popular; you can even choose to write the logo by hand. It’s fine to adopt an intricate design but make sure that you do not lose identification of the brand in doing so.

Logo design is individual to each business, but you should be able to take one of the latest trends and adapt it, to create a design that makes your business stand out against the competition.