5 solutions for mommy blog expansionIf you’re a mommy blogger, you’re in for a lot of unexplored potential. Mommy bloggers often attract other moms looking to make their lives easier and expand their online networks, but there are always more readers that could benefit from the content. Most bloggers aren’t sure how to access this untapped potential.

The secret is in growth. As your readership grows, advertisers will begin contacting you to purchase ads rather than the other way around, and the profits will continue to flourish.

Growth can be an intimidating topic for new bloggers. As a mommy blogger, you’ve probably built your blog on your passions. You enjoy writing and maybe selling products, but the digital marketing aspect can be overwhelming. Thankfully, there are some relatively low-hassle ways to grow your traffic without distracting from the aspect of blogging you like best.

1. Be More Social

This tip refers to both the digital and physical world of social media. The use of social media can be overwhelming, but if you treat it as a platform for meeting new people and growing established relationships, it’s much easier to get a handle on. Start with Facebook and then branch out to Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and other relevant social platforms.

Work on being more social in real life as well. Spreading awareness of your blog through word of mouth is often more effective than any form of digital marketing. Find opportunities to meet new people, particularly other parents who would be interested in your blog content. The people you contact in real life will often be far more loyal than those you meet in the digital world.

2. Target Your Audience

Put a greater emphasis on those who read your blog. The biggest priority should be figuring out what your readers need or want and how your content can cater to that. How can you positively impact your readers? What’s a common problem that your readers might want you to solve through your content?

A great tip for learning more about what your audience needs is reading the comments on other blogs. Find another mommy blog in a niche similar to yours and use those comments to figure out new blog topics. When you notice a common theme among the comments, start writing about it.

3. Find Your Voice

There are millions of bloggers out there, and hundreds in your niche alone. It’s hard to be totally unique without defining a strong voice and making that a common theme in your posts. It’s a lot easier if you’re writing about things you’re passionate about. Your unique personality will show through the content more if you have burgeoning enthusiasm for what you’re writing about.

Whatever you do, make sure that you’re personable. People have a much easier time connecting with you when you’re approachable.

4. Join Blog Groups and Networks

One of the best ways beginning bloggers can learn how to grow their traffic is through blogging groups and networks. There are tons of Facebook groups and forums loaded with tips and inspiration to help increase your blog traffic. You’ll come across expert advice, useful tools that make the process easier, friends that can mentor and support you, and affordable services to increase your success.

5. Be Helpful

People will read your blog because you offer solutions for common problems. As you’re writing, put an emphasis on being helpful. No matter the topic, there are unique insights and tips you can share that will make your content more useful and valuable to those reading it.

Act like someone has asked you for a specific piece of advice, and you’re answering their query through a blog post. Through this process, you’ll attract organic search traffic and gain readers who find your content highly valuable.

Growing your blog traffic is just one of many steps on a long journey to blogging success. Don’t become overwhelmed or forget to have fun along the way. If you take it step by step and keep your passion for a topic at the forefront of your mind, growth will be an enjoyable and profitable voyage.