Millions of people sign into their Facebook account every day to communicate with friends and keep up on the happenings in their community. Many of these people utilize the Facebook social media platform to conduct personal business or talk about personal things with other Facebook users. While this is what the site it is made for, there is always the risk of a cyber breach. It is crucial to protect your privacy, by securing keeping your password secure. To find out if your Facebook password is vulnerable, you can check out Hayy.

#1 Never Utilize The Same Password

It can be extremely difficult to try to manage multiple passwords, which is why man Internet users utilize the same one for all of their social media accounts. This is just one way to make all of your accounts vulnerable, because if a hacker is capable of breaking one of the passwords, they will be able to access all of your accounts. Of course, any security expert will tell you to avoid jotting down your passwords on a piece of paper, but it crucial to use a different password for every account. This way, if a hacker is capable of hacking one of your accounts, they will not be able to hack them all.

#2 Mix Up The Password

To simplify the difficulty of keeping up with passwords, many people make the mistake of utilizing a common password. Basically, this means that they will stick with one number or a group of numbers in a row, such as 123456. Believe it or not, hackers are a step ahead of you, because these are the passwords that they will try first. Instead, you should utilize a combination of lower case, upper case, symbols and numbers. Avoid utilizing simple terms like monkey or mother, which just happens to be very popular passwords.

#3 Make It A Habit To Change Passwords Regularly

It is much easier to stick with the same password from day in to day out. However, this will only make the password vulnerable, which is why you should make it a habit to change it every two or three months. Professional hackers are extremely clever, but if you change your password routinely, you will always be a step ahead of them.

#4 Password Managers

You would never jot your passcode to a bank deposit box on a piece of paper. Well, why should you jot your Facebook password down on a piece of paper? The password should be held to the same standards as the passcode. By jotting it down on a piece of paper, you are taking a huge risk of it ending up in the hands of the wrong person. Instead, utilize password managers, such as free apps.

#5 Anti-Virus Software

It is crucial to secure your operating system. The only way to do this is with anti-virus software, which is available for a very affordable price. By utilizing these security programs, you will be closing gaps that are a potential security risk. As you already know malware will travel from one computer to another, but the antivirus software will block it, before it has time to give you grief.