5 tricks to become a successful freelancerIf you are serious about changing your office daily routine to something, that will let you plan your own working day, avoid the traffic jams and earn as minimum  the same amount of money, as usual – these tips are for you.

1. Organize the private working zone

According to the statistics, all the people, who are working at home, have some difficulties to concentrate on the working process and not to look aside to the family members, especially to the young children, as well as to pets. Organization of a separate working room or zone with ergonomic table, good lighting, comfortable office chair and isolation from the family will help you to work efficiently and with necessary comfort.

2. Plan your working time

Just as the first euphoria about freelance has gone, begin to control the real time, that you spend on work. Fix on the idea, that the money, which you got from the job on freelance, counted on the rate per hour, should be reasonable. Do not agree to do the task, which is poorly paid. Additionally to the real labour action, now you need to spend time on the communication with a lot of customers, on the invoicing and control of the payments. So, all this time-consuming procedures should be counted and added to your working time for the estimation of an average hourly rate. After putting together all these works, calculate you real price per hour. Just as you clearly understand the minimum reasonable tariff, you can begin to plan your work.

3. Create professional resume

The next step of preparation for your successful freelance career is a good resume, placed on different popular job sites. Check out these resume templates, it will help you to do a good start.  Collect all your diplomas, certificates, awards, examples of previous works, ask about recommendations from your previous boss and colleagues. Now it’s time to divide all the heritage to the groups, according to several jobs, which you are looking for. For example, if you want to work as a writer and as an editor, create two separate resumes for each site.  It would be great, if you resume looks different on various resources, so you have a better chance to be invited to the job.

4. Increase your customers’ database

Add your mobile phone, email, Skype, add you profile on the social networks. Indicate, that your use Telegram, Viber, WhatsApp, etc. The goal is to demonstrate to the potential partners your mobility, that you are open for the contacts and to win the advantage of quick connections. So, you can impress the m and quickly increase your partners’ database.

5. Schedule you tasks in advance

Next target is to schedule your work for weeks in advance and to regularly earn more money. Plan the most important and valuable tasks, add some middle-paid to the remained time and leave some free intervals for the urgent double paid tasks.

You are so busy, well paid and successful now; enjoy!