We can all admit that apps have made our lives much easier. This is particularly noticeable in the way they have changed the way we travel. After all, we  only have a limited amount of time to spend vacationing before we have to go back to the daily grind. So it’s important to make the most of the available days and dollars. That said, here are just five types of apps that can help you see and do as much as possible during your next trip:

1. Hotel and Flight Booking

Unless you’re going to be camping or staying with friends or relatives, you’ll probably need a hotel room. And if you’re traveling overseas, you’ll probably want to book the cheapest flight possible. You can save on these two crucial expenses drastically by using one of a variety of flight and hotel booking app. This will allow you to obtain exclusive discounts and find the most ideal tickets and reservations.

2. Maps and Navigation

During your trip, you’ll also need to find parking spaces, call for a cab, navigate bus or train systems, calculate transportation expenses, and/or locate ATM machines. Having access to apps like AllPoint, AA Parking, Uber, Waze, and GasBuddy will help you do all of those things and more.

3. Photo and Movie Sharing

What fun is traveling if you’re hogging all of those cool memories to yourself? Fortunately, it’s easy to document and share your trip’s greatest moments using apps like Tripcast and Flipagram. These apps will make it easy to share travel experiences in real-time. And it does so in a much more social and streamlined manner than if you were to simply send people pictures and movies manually. After all, you don’t want to be wasting time constantly updating social media statuses and sending pictures to friends and family.

4. Restaurant and Entertainment

Finding fun things to do and great places to eat is something you’re almost guaranteed to do during your trip. So why not save yourself the hassle of relying on a search engine and utilize streamlined apps like FourSquare, FoodSpotting, and TimeOut? This will allow you to find the coolest venues in the area. You might also want to use an app like Tipulator to calculate the cost of your tip when eating out.

5. Packing and Planning

It’s good to have a robust checklist app handy. Thankfully, apps like Packing Pro help you remember all the little essentials that you might otherwise forget. Entrain is another interesting app that provides recommendations for specific indoor lighting adjustments you should make in the days before your flight to avoid the effects of jet lag. Of course, you’ll also want an app like WeatherPro to check the forecasts before planning your routes.

Lastly, Don’t Forget to Familiarize Yourself with Each App Before Departing

Nobody wants to waste time fiddling with an app they’ve never used when they’re supposed to be enjoying their vacation. To ensure you’re making the most of your precious getaway it would be best to become familiar with any of the apps you’re going to be using before embarking on your journey.