three inspiring themes for a youth driven websiteWhether one is designing a food blog, a fashion magazine, or a an eCommerce website, it is widely understood that this age is fundamentally considered the digital age, similar to the iron and bronze ages in the planet’s history. And, as such, it of the highest importance to capture the attention of the generation that grew up believing that the Internet was an indispensable part of life. The young ions that never knew what life was like prior to personal computers and smartphones turn to the Internet for digital representations of brick-and-mortar institutions and entities that exist only in pixel form. It is part of their everyday culture, like television was to the baby boomer set.

That is why a weak online presence can make or break a brand. After all, for some under-30 citizens, the only impression they get of a person or company is what they see of them online. And, print and television advertisers know, and most savvy online marketers agree, that the key to forming brand loyalty is to snag potential customers when they are still young. So, how does one attract a loyal teen and twenty-something following? Try using inspiring WordPress themes for any youth-driven website. Many are free when one purchases web hosting and install WordPress. Here are three prime examples:


Capri is a super powerful template that is completely malleable to your taste. Many young website developers find that the multipurpose theme is a go-to for its variability and pliability. It has nearly 20 mesmerizing layouts that can be customized in endless different ways due to the two thousand distinct options included in the impressive admin panel. If one gets confused, there is no need to worry since there are over a dozen demos included which can be implemented or imported with a single click.

Not sure which theme is best for a particular site’s purpose? Capri can do it all, whether one needs a corporate or personal blog, a portfolio for content, or product carousels or galleries. Parallax static pages and CSS3 and HTML5 platforms are built directly into the template’s code and allow for quick page loading. Capri also allows for SEO optimization of all content.

What if someone wants to open his or her very own eCommerce site? Whether it’s an online boutique or a vintage book store, the WooCommerce eCommerce plugin integration will get any shop up and running within a speedy 24 hour period! The Capri theme is also natively responsive and retina ready due to the incorporation of the strong and flexible Bootstrap framework. This allows the theme to appear absolutely beautiful, whether it’s on a PC or Mac or viewed from a mobile device, regardless of browser. The fashionable, sleek theme is a must for those younger folks looking to make a splash in the current digital climate.


The Huntt theme is modern, clean, and youthful and best suited to a portfolio or a personal blog that places a great emphasis on eye-catching visual content that is broadcast to a large audience on a constant basis. The template is deep, powerful, and visually stunning, with a theme that is designed to keep content in the center and out front where it belongs. The Huntt theme is beyond adjustable and will definitely suit all, whether he or she is an attorney, photographer, or a fashion blogger. With a plethora of sample posts and layouts, one can complete his or her website’s set up after a couple clicks and within a matter of minutes. Webmasters can create unique branding for their blogs or businesses by customizing color combinations and patterns to their delight.

One can easily adjust the Huntt theme with a simple button and change his or her website from two to three or four columns easily and still create a site that is natively scalable to all mobile devices with screens of all sizes. The unique features and tools that come with the Huntt template showcase visual content in style and ensure that one’s site not only attracts a multitude of eyeballs, but also retains their interest.

With custom retina-ready social media sharing icons and CSS3 and HTML5-emabled visual effects and animations, Huntt is advanced and classy. It has smooth transitions and crisp scrolling technology that combine for an impressive navigational experience.


Visually gorgeous and surprisingly engaging, intuitive, and wildly dynamic, the Amenos template is responsive and high-powered for an interesting browsing experience. The theme is designed as a multiuse template that can serve as a backdrop for everything from a personal blog to a specialty niche website to an artistic diary. This template achieves a perfected way of expressing the younger vibe missing from so many other themes. The webmaster can start by beautifying multimedia galleries, breathtaking images, and post-based blogging simply by encasing them in grid and masonry styles that are sleek and eye-catching.

The Visual Composer page builder will assist designers with creative transitions and animations that are all 100% customizable while also receiving the benefits of the advanced configuration options offered by the Redux Framework. The modular architecture is successfully based on the Bootstrap design made famous by Twitter and allows Amenos’ pages to easily adapt to all platforms, devices, and screen sizes without changing or adding any code.

The template also features Parallax horizontal and vertical scrolling along with a choice of gallery and slider options integrated. There are also innovative widgets and SEO codes ingrained into the theme, which makes it great choice for photography portfolios and graphic blogs.

In conclusion, there are a whole bunch of WordPress themes that are easily accessible via web hosting which may be referred to as youth-oriented templates, however, as in the examples above, there are some universal “laws” that apply to the types that are labeled as such. They usually have contemporary layouts with sleek, clean lines, bold colors, and a Parallax effect that immediately creates the appearance of depth. Whether bold, masculine, and brassy, or soft, colorful, and feminine, the millennials have made their presence known online. These types of themes appeal to the younger set and attract the attention of a turn-of-the-last-century-raised audience, and if the webmaster is lucky, he or she should be able to lure in the young at heart, as well!