5 ways to increase conversions on your websiteImproving conversions on your website is key if you want to increase overall revenue. Conversions can come in many forms including the number of leads collected, products sold or phone calls received. Here are a few ways to increase engagement on your site.

1. Pick The Right Colors

Make sure your website colors are easy on the eyes and not jarring. A white background with black text is the most popular choice because it’s easy to read and it’s what most visitors are used to. Make sure not to pick a font color that is pitch black as this can be difficult to read; most websites use a very dark grey as the default text color.

You may also want to vary the use of color in order to increase conversions and more. If you have a site geared towards women you may want to avoid gray, orange and brown as studies have shown most women not to like these colors. Blue can be used to earn trust. Green is perfect if you have a site about the environment or even health.

2. Build Trust

Building trust with visitors is crucial because once trust has been established they will be more likely to order your products or fill out a lead form. One of the most effective ways to build trust is by listing testimonials on your website. For example, QuickTapSurvey has a heading prominently displayed “Used By Some Of The Largest Companies In The World” with logos displayed of companies who have used their products.

Studies show that 88% of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations. Consider how much weight these reviews will have if they came from an established global brand. If your website has been mentioned in The Huffington Post you may want to prominently display that fact on your homepage. .

3. Display Contact Information

Contact information should be displayed on every single page of your site. If a visitor lands on an interior page you’ll want them to be able to contact your company without having to click through to the homepage. It can be challenging enough to keep your bounce rate down, let alone worry about a customer having to wade through numerous pages in order to find your contact details.

4. Display A Lead For On Every Page

Many websites have a lead form at the bottom of their page but very few have one on every single page. Make sure it’s visible on every page including blog posts and informational pages. Consider putting a lead capture form in the sidebar and work with your developers in order to have it stay visible even as the visitor is scrolling down.

5. Test Your CTA’s

Small tweaks to your call to action buttons can make all the difference. Play with fonts, font size and button placement. If your site is on WordPress you have the option of installing numerous plug-ins which will allow you to conduct A/B split testing and find out what’s really working for your audience.