5 ways to make side money as a designer or developerNo matter if you’re in need of some extra cash or you just love your job too much to stop at a 40-hour work week you’ll be surprised to learn how many ways there are for designers and developers to make some money on the side while working from the comfort of their own home.

Offer Your Services Online

If your hands are itching and you’re eager to get back to work the minute you step into your house then you’ve probably already thought about setting up your own website and offering your services online. Chances are you’re you even have one right now. Professionals in the IT industry don’t just stop at maintaining their social media presence. Nearly 80% of designers and developers who’ve been in the business for some time have their own personal website. One that doesn’t only serve as a neat portfolio of their work but help them get some extra work. There are, of course, other ways you could seek your services online, be it designing a logo or building a website or app. Websites like Fiverr are a popular choice among creatives and allow them to set up a seller account in minutes.

Sell on Digital Marketplaces

Aside from offering their services online, designers and developers can also sell their creative work in a variety of digital marketplaces. Websites like the Creative Market and Envato allow professionals in the IT industry to sell graphic designs, website themes, plugins, and code. Selling pre-made products means creatives won’t need to spend endless hours working on their side projects and allows a passive income to flow in without the stress of constantly running additional errands.

Write About What You Do

If you’re a developer with a creative side or a designer who likes expressing his thoughts in words, you should definitely consider about writing. You don’t need to be a writer to make people interested but rather share what you do and help others get better results as well. There are already thousands of designers making their first steps into writing on sites like Medium, in case starting your own blog seems like too much of a hassle. Once you get acquainted with the writer’s world, you’ll find that lots of magazines are interested in inviting professionals to write a guest post on their website. If you really get into writing you might as well write your own book and sell it on Amazon. The opportunities for side income for IT experts in this sector are endless.

Work on Temporary Contracts

The technological advancements now allow creatives to not only sell their services but also take advantage of the newly emerging telecommute job market. Both businesses and IT professionals are sharing an interest in building a work collaboration that’s based on temporary contracts. In Australia, new-age job platforms like Workfast are already helping companies hire on-demand workers who’re eager to explore a different career growth path that offers them a constantly changing work environment. One that challenges them to embark in different opportunities and work on a variety of engaging projects that an in-house job could rarely supply. Working on temp contracts also means higher pay rates and could help creatives quickly gain some additional income.

Create an Online Course

Don’t like writing but your extrovert personality always puts you in the spotlight when being around others? Then, you’ll love creating and teaching online classes. There are many places that offer creatives to sell their own online courses. If you’re patient, enjoy explaining and like helping people get to the core of a problem, you’ll be a great teacher and could easily make a ton of money teaching others.