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With continuous Google updates that demand better quality web sites and increased speed, digital marketing continues to evolve and require more data for success. That trend is expected to continue in the near future, as social media, content marketing, SEO, and Artificial Intelligence continue to increase in value. Marketing and SEO agencies now need more data to deliver results to clients. Here is a list of some digital marketing trends that you need to keep an eye on this year to keep your web site relevant online.

1. SEO Split Testing

SEO split testing allows people to isolate the variables that boost traffic. Pages that have a high visitor count but a low conversion rate can use split testing to increase user experience and turn site visits into site sales. Platforms like Clickflow allow users to choose their ideal click through rate. Users can adjust the title, body content, images and meta description to determine which adjustment has a higher rate of return. Web page split testing helps companies improve their site by giving them a clear idea of which site design elements, content and site structure delivers the most optimal results.

Clickflow is one option, but this can easily be done setting up multiple pages, altering content and page structure and then adding them to an Adwords campaign. Through Adwords you can track which pages have the highest rate of return and can convert visitors more efficiently. Once this is determined, switch out the old page with the higher performing one.


2. Chatbots

Chatbots use instant messaging to meet the needs of people in real time. The use of Chatbots are expected to take over the majority of online customer service issues within the next 3 years. Analysts project that chatbots will help businesses save over a billion dollars every year but at what cost? Many consumers note that although chatbots offer 24/7 service, they don’t solve problems as easily as human interaction. Chatbots are able to pull up a consumer’s buying history within seconds and answer their questions in a few minutes but when it comes to specific problems or issues, these software packages fall short. Many brands are using chatbots to help their business evolve and to save money but they lose out on personal connections with consumers.

Finding the balance between chatbot use and personal connections is going to be the tricky part for businesses looking to save money but also increase user experience and drive sales.

3. Image and Photo Search

Image search allows people to upload an image to help search for something and get better results. Pinterest introduced technology that allows users to search for products while shopping and flipping through saved boards. Users can also search for similar images which opens up a breadth of new ideas and connections. Users can also take a photo of an item and view places where they can purchase it online.

Google Lens recognizes objects through a camera app. If a person takes a picture of a book, they can instantly view reviews about it. Research shows that today’s consumers enjoy visual search capabilities more than other recent technological advancements. Many apps now allow consumers to snap photos of a product and get quotes from multiple providers to determine the best product price. Marketers are recognizing the appeal of visual search technology and are now using it to gain an advantage over the competition.

4. Social Media Stories

Snapchat, Instagram, and Facebook have used social media stories to grow their brands. Social media stories present a great opportunity for marketers to increase their brand awareness, stay engaged with their followers, and increase traffic to their web pages.

Instagram is typically a static image sharing platform but stories bring a profile to life and give an entire new level of interactivity with brands and consumers.

5. Video Marketing

Video marketing is one of the most powerful marketing trends of the last few years. Many businesses note that videos have helped them improve their conversion rate. A large number of consumers say that watching product videos makes them feel more confident in their purchasing decisions. Businesses are starting to make videos and start broadcasting on Instagram and LinkedIn to expand audience reach beyond YouTube. Video marketing campaigns allow businesses to reformat their content.

Businesses are using live video to conduct interviews and give their customers an intimate look at the brand. Videos have allowed businesses to create personal video messages to send to their customers instead of a traditional phone call or email.


6. Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence has really changed the World over the last few years, and that’s expected to continue. Many analysts predict that AI will become a core piece of every new software product and service. AI is projected to increase global GDP by at least 10% over the next decade. For digital marketers and even traditional marketing agencies, AI helps businesses look at consumer behavior and search patterns allowing them to develop more appealing strategies for their customers. In the marketing world this kind of data is worth gold.

This kind of intelligence helps businesses across the board with everything from proper web design construction and social media to digital marketing and product placement. Businesses also use AI to cut costs, which can help them gain an advantage over the competition.