social marketing strategy tips guidesSocial media marketing is a critical component of any online business strategy. Platforms like Facebook have over 2-billion unique visitors every month. This statistic means that your target market is using these platforms, but are you?

Many companies concentrate their efforts solely on SEO and negate their responsibility to social media. It’s critical that you use SEO Adelaide companies to ensure traffic visits your site. However, implementing a social strategy will enhance the value of your SEO efforts.

Social marketing isn’t as challenging as you think. Here are 7-ways to make the most out of these platforms and increase engagement with your brand or company online.

1. Produce Content that Drives Engagement

The primary goal of any social media campaign is to drive engagement. You want to produce posts that solve the problems in your community. Your content is the primary tool for this process. Producing weal content will cost you in the end, with low engagement rates and minimal traffic conversion visiting your site from your social platforms.

Every piece of content you produce is an opportunity. It’s akin to putting your hand up in a busy social space and announce you have something unique worth consuming. In the social world, attention spans are short, and patience is thin. Make sure you produce content that captivates eyeballs.

2. Analyze Your Keywords and Competitors Strategy

What are your competitors doing? Make a list of your top-5 competitors and spend some time researching the content they post on their social accounts. Review their engagement rates and how they engage with their audience.

Do you know your target keywords? This element is a critical component of SEO and social marketing. Ensure that you have a list of your top keywords and use them in your content.

3. Use Content Tools

Content tools like Buzzsumo provide you with the top trending content in your niche. These tools let you know what people are viewing and sharing across all platforms. What’s hot on Facebook, may not be trending on Instagram or Twitter. Content tools help you keep your finger on the pulse of the social marketplace.

You can use tools to discover relevant hashtags, identify influencers and build content ideas that your audience is likely to share.

4. Delegate Your Content Creation

If you find content creation boring, or you have no talent for marketing and design, hire a professional. SEO firms typically have a team that specialises in creating social marketing strategies. These firms have a wealth of experience in what works online. Leverage their skills and expertise to create a plan that produces the results you desire.

5. Use a Blend of Article and Video Content

Every second of the day, over 130-hours of video content uploads to YouTube. That’s a tremendous amount of video. Video content is fast replacing traditional written blogs and posts. The popularity of vlogs and other visual mediums, such as Instagram stories is phenomenal.

While your blog is still a vital component of your website, vamp it up with video clips that have the potential to go viral, and then share them on your social accounts.

6. Promote Your Content

Traditional marketing campaigns don’t work. Nowadays everyone is paying attention to his or her smartphone. The chances are they don’t even glance at the billboards on the side of the highway as they drive home. In some cases, even the driver doesn’t notice.

However, posting on social isn’t enough to drive the engagement and results you need to send your website traffic to the moon. You need to engage your audience through active content promotion actively. Facebook and Instagram ads are an excellent means of reaching out to your niche.

Create an advertising campaign that focuses on engagement. Spend some money on your campaign budget and reach out to your audience. Facebook adverts allow you to laser-target an audience for your content. Choose a campaign that pushes your adverts and content directly into the newsfeeds of your prospects.

7. Engage Your Audience

As explained, social marketing is all about engagement. If you create compelling content, you can expect your audience to give you a steady stream of likes and shares. However, if you do nothing to engage with all of this activity, you’re leaving money on the table.

You need to treat every piece of engagement as an opportunity to gain a new client. This strategy means that you must reply to every mention, DM, reply, or like you receive. The point is to build a community that you can use to enhance social proof around your accounts.

Wrapping Up – Be Unique and Consistent

Make sure that your content is unique. It’s okay to copy competitor’s ideas and use viral content for guidelines. However, rehashing the same ideas will bore your audience and drive them away from your accounts. Innovate, don’t imitate.

It takes time to build a community and achieve results. The process is similar to SEO, commitment and persistence eventually result in traction.