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WordPress is unquestionably one of the best platforms for any e-commerce, and if you are only planning to launch yours, you can follow a five-step guide to help you. And there are so many plugins for WordPress that can make your profits rise among a few months.

For example, a FAQ page on your website has so many advantages, and in this article, we’ll only overview the most important ones. To discover even more pluses it could bring to your online business, you can use this HeroThemes wordpress faq plugin and discover the best pros yourself.

Shorter Path To Purchase

The best advantage of a FAQ page on your website is its’ accessibility 24/7. Emails, online chats, contact forms, and telephone numbers are also great for communication, but you have to admit that you probably can’t ensure to answer the questions to your website visitors at absolutely any time.

So if you run an e-store that offers worldwide shipping, it is very likely that shoppers will be buying items on your website on very different timing. And if some important question appears to a shopper – he does not need to wait for an answer until tomorrow, if the solution can be found on your FAQ section. Therefore a FAQ page makes the purchases faster.

Time Saving For Customers

As mentioned before, FAQ pages are great, because potential customers do not need to wait for an answer and are capable of finding it by themselves. Of course, only if your FAQ section is well thought through and has all the information your website visitors might need.

The time saved also depends on the regular form of communication that you tend to use on your website. If your site visitors tend to call you and you have enough people on your team to answer all your calls – the customer might save 5 – 10 minutes with a FAQ page. But on the other hand, if clients tend to send questions by email and you only have a few team members, the answering might take up to 24 hours.

Time Saving For Your Team

time saving for your team

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To save the time of your customers is very beneficial and improves the entire user experience on your website. But also think about your team – how many time can you save with a FAQ page? Actually, tons of it.

Understand that most of the questions will be highly repetitive – how long does the shipping take, do you exchange products, is there a product guarantee, and similar. If you track and figure out these questions really well, the time saved will be much more significant.

And all in all – saving the time of your team means saving some money for the company because these people will be able to perform better when they are no longer working with answering the same questions over and over again.

Determining How Your Website Can Be Improved

Don’t forget to always analyze your FAQ page if you have one. Notice what your visitors are mostly searching for, what kind of information are they trying to find?

If the website visitors often search for contact information or, for example, your delivery cost, then you should probably consider a better placing for this information on your site, because the users cannot find it. Moving contacts or other information to another place or changing the colors might help out a lot.

Higher User Satisfaction

Adding a FAQ page will raise the entire user experience on your website because potential customers will no longer have to wait 10 minutes, an hour or even a day to receive an answer. Always consider the fact, that if a customer isn’t answered fast enough, he might just choose your competitor over you.

Also your website visitors will be pleased to see that you value their time and put in some great work into creating an informative FAQ for them.

Lets You Improve Your SEO

improve your seo

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By using the main keywords that work for your business, you might actually even improve the SEO of your website. Of course, the information needs to be well written and still play as an informative guide for the site, don’t ever forget it.

A good SEO will automatically lead you to a better position on Google and most likely – to higher sales and revenue as well.