backlinks from wikipedia tips guidesWikipedia is one of most trusted websites in the entire world. It is available in a large number of languages. And of course, it should come as no surprise to learn that Wikipedia has millions of backlinks from some of the most powerful websites on the planet. This equates to Wikipedia being a powerhouse in terms of SEO power. In fact, Wikipedia often rests on the same level as government websites. Most SEO experts agree that a well-placed Wikipedia or government backlink will give any website a massive boost. Nevertheless, acquiring a backlink from Wikipedia will prove to be anything, but easy. Use the guide below to learn how to get your link on one of Wikipedia’s pages.

Build A Solid Foundation

As you likely already know, Wikipedia is heavily moderated. The nonprofit website has a massive team of volunteers that check new content religiously. Using haphazard techniques will never cut it. You should realize that one of the moderators will analyze your website when you attempt to get a link from Wikipedia. With this in mind, it is absolutely pertinent to start by building a solid foundation. You need to start by ensuring your website’s content is high-quality, relevant and important. Make sure your website offers something new that will prove to be beneficial to Wikipedia’s users.

Read and reread your content numerous times. Make sure your site is flawless, since it will most definitely be inspected by one of Wikipedia’s human moderators.

Adding Content To Wikipedia

Once your website is ready to go, you’ll need to convince Wikipedia and its strict mods that you’re trying to be helpful. It is nearly impossible to visit a page on the website, drop your link and expect it to stay. In fact, it’ll likely take less than four or five minutes for your link to disappear. In order to make yourself look authentic, you need to contribute useful content to the website. Start by adding content that others will find helpful and useful. Then, you should begin adding links other than your own. Add links from other authority websites that are highly respected by consumers.

Building A Reputation

Another thing to remember is that Wikipedia’s moderators will carefully analyze your account’s history when attempting to determine whether or not your content is worthwhile. This can make building backlinks on the website very time consumer. Before trying to drop a link to your site, you should consider building a good reputation for yourself on the platform. Contribute as frequently as possible for a few weeks, if not months. If the moderators see that your account has a good history of delivering great information, your account will receive more credence. This will ultimately make it far easier to get a link to your site.

Link Placement

When you’ve finally mustered up the confidence, you’ll want to try adding your link to Wikipedia. The best technique for placing your link will depend on the type of website you run. If you happen to run a legitimate business, you should consider trying to create a Wikipedia page for your business. This will likely be far easier than the alternatives. Those running niche sites will need to work more diligently to conceal their activities. Instead of attempting to add your link to the content, you should carefully place it in the references section. This generally proves to be far more effective.

Persistence Is Pertinent

There is a big possibility that you’re not going to succeed on your first attempt. Just remember that a Wikipedia link is truly well worth the additional effort and time. The site receives more traffic than most. Brace yourself to proceed through a trial and error process, until you’re finally able to get your link to stick. It might be frustrating, but your efforts will pay off dividends in the long run.