best location tracker apps
If you are into a business that has its employees moving around a lot, like a construction company or a cleaning service, or a salesperson oriented company, or a courier company, then keeping a track of each of your mobile employees is quite a Herculean task. It is not easy to know where all your employees are at a particular time.

Installing location tracker apps help in a big way and makes your task of keeping an eye (literally) on all your employees at all times.

As parents, you are always worried about where your children are once they are out of the safety of homes and you might want to keep an eye on your errant spouse, these third party location tracker apps are a boon to track anyone, anywhere.

Here, we have listed the best location tracker apps in 2017 to help you choose the best app suited for your requirements.

1. mSpy

myspy location tracker app
Rated one of the best location tracker app by the users, mSpy is compatible with all the mobile platforms and devices too. This app is easy to install and easy to use too. The best feature of the mSpy app is that it is easy to track an iPhone device without jailbreaking it and it also doesn’t need to be installed on the target device; one requires the credentials of the registered iCloud account.

mSpy makes use of the control panel that is encrypted and is an international user-friendly tracking app. It has an extra layer of security in it to protect the target from getting suspicious. Find more options for the mSpe location tracker app, right here on

Best features of mSpy app

  • Call blocking while tracking.
  • Keylogging function.
  • Geofencing feature.
  • Keep track of SMS and emails.
  • Uses GPS to track the location.

2. FlexiSpy

flexispy location tracker app
One of the best location tracker apps best suited for iPhones, iPads, and iPods, also works well on Nokia, Samsung, and other devices too. There are two versions available in FlexiSpy that the users can choose from according to their needs, the Extreme Version and the Premium Version. The Premium version is the basic version and also the most used version.

Key features of the Extreme version of FlexiSpy

  • Call intercept.
  • GPS based location tracker.
  • Password cracker feature.
  • Allows recording sound and voices.
  • Call recording.
  • remCam feature.

The Extreme version is best suited due to the high-level technology involved and also since it provides an unparalleled service in tracking to its users.

3. Highster Mobile Spy

highster mobile spy location tracker app
The best mobile phone spy app, Highster is more compatible with Android phones and tablets. This app helps in tracking and monitoring the activities of the targeted mobile device. The installation process of this app is quite easy and hassle free.

Key features of the Highster app

  • Easy to view the browsing history of the device.
  • Access to the videos and photos.
  • Call logs.
  • Easy location tracker
  • Easy access to the device’s camera.
  • SMS tracking feature.
  • Allows easy viewing of social media activities.

Choose the best suited tracking app that will make your life easy and worry free.