best wordpress themes for video backgrounds
When searching for a new WordPress theme, the endless amount of options to choose from can easily make your head spin. We’re going to narrow these choices down and suggest you test themes that use video backgrounds to engage your visitors.

Video background themes instantly tell a story about your business in a way other themes are slower to communicate. Not only will this create a dynamic landing page, but it also gives brands a chance to showcase their product front and center. It enables tech startups to demonstrate the interface of their app while a pro video service can easily begin highlighting the quality of their work. Best of all, most of these themes are based on HTML5 which means your videos should play and respond properly on all devices.

Here’s a list of our favorite WordPress themes for video backgrounds. You will still need to learn which one is the best fit for you, but these standouts should make the decision easier.


inspiro wp theme
Highly responsive and clean, Inspiro is a beautiful multi-purpose theme that allows you to plug in a self-hosted or YouTube video as your background. Aside from the default look, it offers 4 unique homepage styles for Restaurants, Fashion, Architecture, and Non-Profits. Inspiro is also available in 10 color variations which creates 50 possible style-color combinations.

What we love most about this theme is the super simple navigation overlooking your video content. Customers can admire the visuals and then quickly find what they’re looking for without the need for endless scrolling. If you’re seeking a theme that manages to be minimal and action packed at the same time, Inspiro is a top-tier choice for your website.


mesmerize wp theme
Mesmerize is a flexible drag-and-drop theme with a competitive amount of customization options. It offers 5 unique header types and over 30 easy-to-use content sections. The ability to add a video background, slideshow, or gradient overlay makes this a highly adaptable theme choice. It’s a great option for beginners while maintaining a professional appeal.

We’re a huge fan of options and the fact that you have so many with this theme makes it a strong contender. If you’re someone who has a hard time committing to one website layout for long periods of time, Mesmerize will entertain your tinkering and keep the site feeling fresh.


soho wp theme
SOHO is a creative and content focused theme that uses full screen photo and video to shine a light on your brand. It’s high-speed responsiveness is optimized for high-quality image files and the GT3 Page Builder Plugin provides unlimited customization options. It’s an advanced theme but modifying the custom layout is designed to be simple and intuitive.

The theme lives up to its name by giving your website an artistic gallery-like appearance. A wide selection of fonts, icons, and colors provides you with full creative control of your website’s mood. Our favorite aspects of SOHO are the unique galleries and portfolio formats which will present your photos and videos as they were meant to be shown.

Black Label

black label wp theme
Another elegant theme designed to support full screen photo and video including content hosted on your website, YouTube, and Vimeo. What sets Black Label apart is it’s unique integration with the WooCommerce plugin offering a bulk of options for selling merchandise or digital goods. It’s a responsive and visually appealing theme optimized for retina display and packed with custom portfolio and slider options. Another interesting perk is the native ability to set up an audio background for users scrolling through images.

One of the best things about this theme is it’s versatility and how well it responds to new plugins. As you continue to expand and experiment with your site, it’s a huge advantage to have a video heavy theme that can adapt to big changes.


divi wp theme
An absolute powerhouse of a theme, Divi is a popular option providing 20 pre-existing layouts and extensive customization options. Navigation, headers, modules, and even the ability to switch to a one-page option is all in your hands. Based on the Divi Builder Plugin, the intricate drag and drop functionality allows you to create stunning visual layouts without the need to manually code. This makes it super easy to build dynamic websites with little to no limitations.

Divi is the ideal theme for a strong portfolio or building the perfect product page. It offers a number of video and parallax options that are fully responsive. The sites people able to create with this theme are amazing and with high-quality content you could easily join the ranks.

Video backgrounds are a great way to bring life to your website and create a memorable experience people are more likely to revisit. No matter which theme you choose, make sure it aligns with your business type and communicates your mission in a visually appealing way.

Good luck!