vps hosting osAssuming you have your heart sets on VPS hosting, one of the choices that you’ll need to make is the type of operating system that you desire. As you probably already know, the two options that are available are Linux and Windows – but what is the difference between them really, if any?

For starters, there is the price tag. Generally speaking, VPS hosting that runs on Windows tends to cost more because of the fact that the hosting service will need to pay for the license to install it. On the other hand, Linux is open source and free – so there’s no extra charges associated with it. If price is the only factor you’re looking at, Linux clearly comes out on top.

But if that’s the case, why is it some people still opt for Windows? Generally speaking it is either because they require an operating system that is able to run .NET applications, or they are simply more familiar with it.

If you aren’t sure what .NET is or you haven’t heard of it before, chances are you won’t need it. Suffice to say it is a type of language that is used in certain web applications, but its use nowadays is not as widespread as it once was. If you’re in doubt, you could always ask your web developer whether they need .NET compatibility.

The question of familiarity is important to a degree, particularly if you’re a beginner and have opted for VPS hosting that is self-managed. In such situations, it might take time to learn Linux but if you’re more familiar with Windows you might find it easier to pick up.

Aside from these factors, there is honestly very little that separates Linux and Windows nowadays when it comes to hosting operating systems. The fact of the matter is that for most conventional uses, it really doesn’t matter which operating system you choose, however for specialized use it might still matter a great deal.

For a closer look at the differences between Linux and Windows operating systems and their charges, you could take a look at the reviews of VPS hosting services here. While you’re at it, that may even give you a starting place to start looking for a host that fulfills all your other needs too, including areas such as resources, features, support, and so on.