After Microsoft released Windows 10, it appeared to be the best edition of Windows operating system for personal computers. Over two years, almost a hundred million users have upgraded their PCs to this latest version. However, like all we know, there is nothing completely perfect and there are still some problems that might annoy you when you get them on your computer.

Thankfully, not all of those errors are difficult to fix. In this post, we are going to explain more about those common issues in Windows. Furthermore, we will point out steps you need to take to get rid of those problems.

#1. Windows Update Doesn’t Work Properly

It’s the major and popular function of Windows, which allows Microsoft to push new updates (bug fixes and improvements) or features to users’ computers. In Windows 10, this feature is always turned on by default. It checks for updates and installs them automatically to ensure the computer is up to date and secure.

Luckily, Microsoft has a tool called Windows Update Troubleshooter, which is used to diagnose if you are having any issues with Windows Update, and then get them fixed automatically. If this tool can’t resolve the problem, some helpful solutions will be given to help you rectify Windows Update.

To use this tool, make sure you are connected to the Internet. Then visit here to download the Windows Update Troubleshooter.

#2. Windows Blue Screen Errors

The blue screen error in Windows would be a nightmare for many users, especially those users who have just started with this operating system. The cause of the blue screen error is widespread and could be anything. For instance, corrupted Windows system files, damaged program files, corrupted drivers or hardware failures can cause a blue screen error.

Besides, if you move the whole Windows operating system from one computer to another computer, you may confront some blue screen errors due to conflicts between hardware and its drivers. In this case, we would recommend using Laplink PCmover, a handy software tool that allows you to transfer files, profiles, settings and apps to a new system, to avoid blue screen errors.

windows 10 blue screen error

Most users will choose to reinstall Windows as this type of error prevents them from accessing their computer, in most cases. In that case, the only way is to boot into Windows Safe Mode and start to diagnose and troubleshoot there. However, some cases are less severe so you can boot up the computer and use it as usual. However, we would recommend finding out the cause of the error and get it fixed as soon as possible. Otherwise, the next time, it may be worse.

#3. High Disk Usage Issue

According to numerous posts in the Microsoft Community website, it appears Windows 10 users often encounter a high Disk Usage issue after upgrading to this latest edition of Windows. In some other cases, users reported that they faced this problem when downloading and installing new Windows updates.

windows 10 high disk usage

In fact, you can find a lot of articles regarding high disk usage in Windows 10, as well as the steps to get it fixed on the Internet. But in all the cases we know, this issue is related to features or apps that often use your hard disk, especially Windows Update.

The most common case is that your computer is trying to download the latest update packages, but sometimes, this can’t be written to your disk, or Windows Update can’t read those files to install updates due to some corruption. As a result, Windows Update will take up all the disk resources and cause this issue.

To get this issue fixed, you can refresh the update process by cleaning up all files that Windows Update has downloaded. Then start to check for updates and re-download those files again. In case this issue isn’t caused by Windows Update, you can use the Task Manager to find out which feature or application has taken up all the disk resources and find the right solution to deal with it.

We hope this short guide and its information can help you learn more about Microsoft Windows and hope our solutions will help you get those annoying issues fixed. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to post them below.