corrupted iphone life conspiracy theoryIf you have been a long term iPhone user, like myself, you probably have had this thought cross your mind at least once over the years.

For the record, I think iPhones are amazing. I am a total iPhone girl starting from 2009 when I got my very first iPhone 3G. I have not switched to any other brand ever since I purchased my very first iPhone. I love the way they look, the way they work… they are just so simple to use and understand that frankly, I am just so used to them I wouldn’t even want to learn how to operate any other phone.

Putting my love for Apple phones aside, one thing I did notice over the years is that every 2 years I am always due for an upgrade. Ironically enough, Apple tends to release new iPhone every 2 years as well. This can be “convenient” for the people who are looking for a new phone, but also a very thought provoking idea arises from this.

What if all of this is just a big scam and conspiracy for business?

Why do such amazing phones tend to act up after just 2 years?

Why does that happen to align perfectly for when Apple tends to release new apple products as well?

Realists may say that with usage, iPhones just tend to die down and that it is a normal and natural result of using a phone for 2 years. After all, we as a society, are so dependent on our phones today. We use it daily, and we use it for absolutely everything. It literally sucks out all of its life out of the phone.

Conspiracists may argue otherwise. They may say the reason iPhones tend to not work as well leading up to the 2-year mark is to make sure customers will go ahead and want to purchase a new phone the same time Apple releases a new product. It is very convenient for Apple to make sure a phone’s camera starts to lag. Or the phone just tends to open apps and websites a little longer than it used to be. For how much we use our phones and how many times a day we utilize it for these reasons, any iPhone user will get very easily frustrated with a lagging phone.

Going back to my love for iPhones… My relationship with them is more of a love hate relationship. I love them but I don’t necessarily enjoy needing to buy a new phone every 2 years. Despite the fact that a part of me is in fact sometimes thinking as a conspiracist, I still plan to upgrade to a new iPhone in the upcoming months.

One thing that I personally am very much looking forward to in upgrading to the new iPhone is making sure I can get a small discount when I buy my new phone. As you have already heard the new iPhones are going to have a lot of new features the current phones don’t have, and because of that of course the price is going to be pretty high. What brings me some relief is that before I purchase the new iPhone, I know that I can sell my current 2-year-old phone for a good sum of money to put towards the new iPhone.

There are a variety of places where you can do so. Most carrier stores offer to buy your phones right on the spot to use as a credit towards new phones if you plan to purchase your phone there. Best Buy is also a great source to sell any used device. You can always go straight to the Apple store as well. If you are feeling lazy and don’t feel like going anywhere you can also look up some very amazing companies online that will purchase your phone. is one company that I have heard so many amazing reviews about and claim to give you the best online offer on the market.

We may never know if Apple really does mess with its phones to make sure customers are always looking to buy a new phone every 2 years. We will never know if the realists or conspiracists are correct in this theory. For now, it is just that…. A theory. All we can do is just continue to wonder and continue to upgrade our phones. One day the truth will prevail and maybe we will know the true answer to this question.