wordpress theme modification seo service hiring tipsWordPress is already really strong when looking at available search engine optimization opportunities, but it’s not perfect. Most people are already aware of the fact that you have to install an SEO plugin if you want to rank as high as possible for the desired keywords. However, what many do not know is that the theme chosen will also have a huge impact on results for the long run.

The big problem is that most of the WordPress SEO themes have a basis needed to offer good SEO structure. However, some issues appear which needs to be analyzed. It is a good idea to work with a Long Island SEO company to check if the theme is fit for your needs. Here are some things that can be reviewed by the professional.

Image Optimization

WordPress themes, especially the paid ones, includes some images that are utilized by the web designer to make it more attractive. Designers are not always programmers so they do not understand the importance of site loading speed. In many cases, we see that the images are not properly optimized for SEO. The professional SEO company understands how important this is and will check all images to be sure that it’s properly optimized for all devices.

Coding Optimization

Most people do not know anything about the programming language since not everyone is interested in programming. This is the reason why WordPress is popular because it is easier for people to build websites without any PHP or HTML knowledge. The problem that can appear with the theme is that coding is not properly done which slows down loading times. A specialist can check the coding and even add new JavaScript codes that would increase loading speed.

Increased Optimization Experience

Besides the two things mentioned above that have an impact on site loading speed, we should also highlight that the experience of the SEO specialist company is much bigger than that of the designer. There are hundreds of possible problems that could appear when looking at the WordPress theme. The specialists know where to look to check if the theme is suitable and can even make manual modifications that would help to improve on-site SEO.

Final Thoughts

While it is a good idea to hire an SEO specialist company to modify the WordPress theme for better future results, it is not always necessary. If you feel that you need to focus on something else, go ahead hire one. Consider your budget and do what is best for your site and the goals that you have in the future.