pdf-converter-onlinePortable document file or what we commonly refer to as PDF is one of the most commonly used digital file formats in the modern era. Since its inception back in the 1990’s by Adobe Systems Inc. this file format went on to dominate the digital file format industry, strongly competing with Microsoft Word for its unique proposition. By providing a digital file format which consistently maintains its integrity independent of the platform, this file format has positioned itself as the to-go format for most of the digital file needs.

Now while Microsoft Word is another commonly file format, it doesn’t have the reputation for maintaining the integrity of the file format as it was initially created. Opening Microsoft Word files is impossible in Adobe Reader and the same goes the other way round. The increasing digitisation is even making it much more essential to have a tool which easily lets you get between different digital file formats, especially the PDF and Word files. Accessing these files in different formats is simply baffling if not in possession of the right tool to get the conversions done.

Here we will be taking look at one such tool that lets you create and convert PDF files from the comfort of your internet browser.

Introducing Docs.Zone – Your online PDF manager

Docs.Zone is a simple online PDF manager tool that lets you create and convert PDF files between different widely used digital file formats. While there are many software’s available for this purpose, none of them make the task easy and involve downloading and installing the tool, some of which also come associated with malware you wouldn’t want. This tool takes the entire process to your web browser and lets you convert multiple files without downloading or installing a single piece of software.

Docs.Zone is a premium online tool that lets you convert between different digital file formats right away from your web browser. With support for different mainstream file formats like Microsoft Word, Excel, PDF and JPEG images, this tool lets you easily manage and convert your PDF files from one format to the other. Here we will be primarily concentrating on how you can create and convert PDF files online.

Creating PDF files

Using Docs.Zone, you can create PDF files from different sources in their own file formats. Creating PDF files is made even easier with Docs.Zone.

Creating Webpages into PDF files

By accessing the ‘Web to PDF’ section from the top menu bar, you can easily save webpages as PDF files for later reading on your mobile devices or E-readers. Once into that section, enter the URL of the webpage and hit ‘Start’.

After the process is done, you will be presented with the option to download or delete the converted file from the ‘Inbox’ section at the bottom of the screen.

Converting Word to PDF files


For creating PDF files from Word documents, choose ‘Convert files to PDF’ from the top menu bar and hit ‘Select files’ before selecting ‘Start’. The converted files are accessible from your ‘Inbox’ section.

Combine PDF files


You can also combine PDF documents into one single file by choosing ‘Combine PDF files’ from the top menu bar. The entire conversion process is the same as mentioned above.

These converted files are accessible in your ‘Inbox’ section for a period of only six hours, so you can decide to download them before they are automatically erased.

Converting PDF files


PDF to Word/Excel

You can convert PDF to Word or Excel documents by choosing ‘PDF to Word’ or ‘PDF to Excel’ from the top menu bar and hit ‘Select files’ following it by selecting ‘Start’. The converted files can be downloaded from your Inbox area.

PDF to Images

For saving your PDF file as individual high quality JPEG images, head over to the ‘PDF to images’ section and upload your PDF files to generate the JPEG images of individual pages which can be downloaded from your Inbox section.


For gaining access to this comprehensive online PDF manager, Docs.Zone charges a premium of $9.95/month or $59.95 for annual subscription.

Final Thoughts

Docs.Zone is a comprehensive PDF file managing tool that lets you convert and create PDF files from other digital file format sources. This premium tool makes a strong case for people who have to deal often with digital file formats and regularly need them to create and get them converted between other file formats.