According to Cogniview, a company that specializes in converting files into different formats to make them easier to work with, PDF is now the 4th most popular religion on the planet. This seems like a pretty ridiculous and unrealistic claim, but if you continue reading, you may be surprised by how valid it is.


So how can Cogniview make such a bold statement and compare something like a PDF file to a world religion? Continue reading to learn more.

Searching for PDF Conversion on Google

When the experts at Cogniview typed “How do I convert to” in Google’s search box, they were surprised by what they found. As you know, when you type in a search, Google begins to fill in the field for you in order to save you time and help you use the right wording to get the best results. Well, when you ask how to convert to something, Google automatically fills in the space with Judaism, Islam, and Catholicism, followed by—you guessed it—PDF. It turns out that most people who search for “how to convert” aren’t only searching for how to convert from one religion to another, but also how to convert one file type to another.

What PDF Files are

In order to understand the popularity of the PDF, you should have an understanding of what a PDF file is in the first place. This is a Portable Document Format file that has been able to capture the various elements within any printed document, and has converted them into a high quality electronic image. You can then view and navigate throughout the image, as well as print it or send it along to someone else.

Why Convert to PDF?

Many professionals across a wide variety of industries, from business to art and design, find that PDF files are a lot easier to work with. After all, all you need is Adobe Acrobat Reader to open up a PDF file, and you can download that program for free.

When dealing with clients who may be using everything from Word docs to images in JPEG format, it can be difficult to readily share files because not everyone uses the same operating system, platform, and programs. But everyone can view a PDF if they have Adobe Acrobat Reader. So this means you can create a document in Microsoft Word and then convert it and save it as a PDF before emailing it to a colleague or client that doesn’t like to use Microsoft Word. They will still be able to view the document in all its glory without the hassle of having to download and use Word if they do not want to.

If you already use PDF files, you already know how great they are. But if you have yet to implement this file format into your daily workflow, consider doing so. After all, it can be considered one of the most popular religions on the planet, at least in the world of computers and technology, so why not give it a try?