Email marketing has enjoyed a renaissance these past few years. Instant messengers and social media have supplanted email as a form of communication online. But the latter has sustained its standing as an effective way to reach out to your leads and customers, thanks for smartphones making it easier for users to check their emails.

Aside from ease, emails provide a better platform for online businesses to send over content to entice people to visit or purchase from their sites. All its elements – subject line, responsiveness of layout, copywriting, calls to action – can be customized to attract the right audience for your campaign.

More importantly, your message is sent straight to your subscribers. You’re sure that your email has a chance to be opened and read.

If you have yet to run an email campaign for your website or blog, here are things that you should consider launching.

RSS Newsletters

If you want to deliver your latest blog posts straight to your readers, you need to enable a signup form that lets them receive your updates straight to their inbox.

To set up your optin form and RSS newsletter, check out this post at BloggingPro. It details the tools that you will use to build an email list that will receive your blog newsletters.

Sales and promos

For ecommerce site and website owners selling products and services, you have to find ways on how to increase your bottom line. Launching email campaigns that advertise your products and services at discounted prices is one way of doing this.

As best practice, hold promos and sales during holidays and time-sensitive events. Slashing the prices on select items in your inventory during Christmas season can help you gain more buyers.

You can also launch a campaign with an expiration. For example, they should purchase the product or services within 24 hours or else the sale will be invalid. This creates scarcity and encourages your subscribers to act sooner than later.

Unlike other websites, emails are an integral part in the sales funnel of an ecommerce site. To boost performance of your campaigns, build a dedicated landing page for your signup form to optimize the page for SEO in the hopes of getting more visitors to subscribe. Also take heed of these advice at SumAll about launch highly optimized email campaigns such as A/B testing, including beautiful photography of products, and more.

Autoresponder greetings

Make a concerted effort to personalize your relationship with your email list. Setting up autoresponders that greet your subscribers during their birthdays, special occasions, or even after signing up to your list can bring you closer to them.

For autoresponders to first-time subscribers, get them started by linking back to your sales pages and promos. For birthday autoresponders, you can create an exclusive discount code

Keep in mind that you don’t have to upsell anything through these autoresponders – you can just greet them and tell them to have a great day.

Tips on how to run these campaigns the best way possible:

  • Boost the chances of getting clicked by subscribers by following these subject line hacks that are sure to engage and compel.
  • When setting up the layout of your email campaign, make sure to create a responsive email design first before designing the layout for desktop viewing. This ensures you that your email will show correctly on mobile devices, which is where most emails are opened nowadays.
  • A/B testing lets you create multiple version of email elements. This helps you determine which version converts best so you can adapt your campaigns appropriately.

Final thoughts: By taking advantage of these email marketing campaigns, you can build a subscriber list so you won’t have to constantly promote your website on different channels. By sending a campaign with a click of a button, you can drive more traffic to your website and increase your bottom line.