area codes tips guidesDid you know that your phone number isn’t a simple combination of random figures? Nowadays a unique combination of figures is the main gateway of communication between you and the rest of the world. For people who are familiar with the North American Numbering Plan, the telephone number is able to tell a lot about its owner. It’s not about numerology. It’s about the history and main functions of the phone numbers.

The standard number is a combination of seven digits. In some areas, it’s enough to dial only them to make a local call. Yet, in the greater part of states, you have to add area code or 1+ area code.

Every state has its own unique area code. When it comes to densely populated regions such as New York, San Francisco or Chicago, one city may have several codes. Moreover, there is some type of hierarchy among area codes. Some of them are considered to be more prestigious than others.

If you had ever tried to figure out the logic according to which the area codes are arranged you definitely failed. For instance, the area code 312 stands for Illinois. At the same time, Google query can show such results as 815, 217, 847, 773, and some others. 872 is an area code that overlies 312 and 773 variations.

If you still wonder why the area code is so important, you can try to dial your friend who lives in the next state, for example. Without the right area code, your call cannot be routed through cell towers. There is a great possibility that nobody will answer the call. Another variant is to dial with the resident of the same town or region.

Where to Find Your Area Code

It’s almost impossible to find a person who doesn’t know his or her area code. You should point it out in every official document or when logging in on definite websites. Yet, sometimes people have to change the place of their living. It’s very important to remember that you have to change your phone number when moving from one state to another. Interstate relocation is also connected with the change of the area code.

There is no need to go to the local authorities to get to know a new code. The only thing you need is stable Internet access. You can find many different online services that are able to define a code area. You need to type the name of the state. The program shows you all available variants. It’s also possible to enter the area code to figure out the state.

There is one important thing you should remember. It’s possible to buy a definite local phone number. It’s a good idea for the business. The price depends upon the number and starts from $10 per month. By the way, 312 is considered to be one of the most prestigious codes in the whole country. You should also keep in mind that not all area codes denote some city or state. For instance, the mysterious code 710 stands for the federal government.