exploring the best wordpress themes for seo purposesWhen creating a new website, it is crucial to give much thought to the WordPress theme. If this is your first time creating a website, you will need to get educated on the SEO term. SEO or search engine optimization is basically the process of gaining visibility of a site in the three primary search engine’s results. Google, Bing and Yahoo utilize this method to match websites with the phrases and words typed in the search engine by users around the world. If your website is not SEO-friendly, then it will not be found in the results, causing you to lose out on a lot of opportunities.

Below, you will discover a list of WordPress SEO Tips and themes for beginners and proficient website designers.

Zerif Pro WordPress Theme

Many online businesses utilize the Zerif Pro WordPress theme, because it is extremely flexible, with a wonderful design. This theme provides all the necessities needed to create a successful website, even though it is a single-page theme. It will also ensure the site is mobile friendly. It is important to note that Google will penalize any website that is not mobile friendly, but with this WordPress theme your website will look great in all mobile devices.

What makes the Zerif Pro theme extremely unique is its packed live composure feature. This will allow you the flexibility to customize the design per your needs and preferences. It will also provide you with a preview of all the alterations you make along the way. The preview is shown in real-time, so you can get a better of idea of how your site is transforming with each alteration.

Zerif Pro works flawlessly with the extremely popular SiteOrigin Drag and Drop website builder tool. So, customizing a design will be simplified even further, making it perfect for first-time website creator. On top of this, the theme is SEO-friendly, which is exactly what you need to achieve success in such a competitive market.

Divi WordPress Theme

If you are still pondering on an SEO friendly WordPress theme, you should definitely give a little consideration to ElegantThemes’ Divi. This theme is most popular for its versatile design, with innumerable features. Many website designers turn to Divi, even though it has so many features, because it still maintains a high level of simplicity.

The Divi Builder is the heart of the Divi theme, because it gives the website creator drop and drag customizing abilities. With a few updates, the Divi Builder is now available to every Webmaster. It can be downloaded as a plugin and utilized with current themes. You will be surprised with how many options will be available at your fingertips, when you utilize the Divi theme to create your website. Style your site with a unique header and footer, along with modules that will make your website more functional.


It doesn’t matter how good you think your website is, it still may be lacking in SEO. If it isn’t designed with a theme that is going to attract visitors, you will not you’re your goals. Speed oftentimes plays a huge role in how satisfied visitors will be after visiting your site. For instance, studies show that if a website takes more than 2 seconds to load, 47 percent of viewers are going to be unsatisfied with the content. Well, with Schema this is something that you will never have to worry about, because it is one of the fastest loading SEO friendly WordPress themes available. Existing users will be happy to learn that Schema includes the popular MyThemeShop features.

This even includes the custom panel, shortcodes, widgets, and pixel perfect designs. Webmasters will be excited to learn that they can use MyThemeShop on more than one website. All of the themes available are easily customizable, with code edits and design edits, thanks to the Photoshop PDS files. However, these are only available with the expanded plan. The best part about this theme is that they are all compatible with most third-party plugins. All of this software includes 24/7-support to help solve any problems that you may experience along the way.


If you have been in the SEO world for a while now, there is a good chance that you have hard of Avada. In fact, it is the number one selling theme of all times and there is a reason that it ranked so high. It could be because this WordPress theme literally does everything that you could imagine. While being extremely SEO friendly, it also provides powerful framework to open all the doors for the user. Users can virtually create any design style they want, which eliminates the need for utilizing several different themes simultaneously.

Avada is constantly being updated with new and exciting features. Any existing customer will have unlimited and free access to all of the new design features. However, the very best thing about Avada is that you do not even need any coding experience to fun this WordPress theme.