offer email ctr tips guidesIt doesn’t matter what you’re saying or selling: the quality of your offer emails can ultimately make or break your business.

Think about it. Email marketing is the cornerstone of just about successful online business out there today. Having a hungry list of customers that you can sell to again and again not only ensures that you can continuously make money, but such a list can be built at the fraction of the cost of other marketing channels.

Therefore, squandering your offer emails isn’t an option. Whether you’re sending out regular coupons or launching new products, the seemingly smallest details and subtleties of your emails could potentially crush your readers’ desire to click through.

So, what can you do to step up your email game to score more clicks and sales? Consider the four elements of your email body and how the combination of these tips can transform your offer-specific messages.

1. Give ‘em The Countdown

Urgency is a one of the most powerful psychological triggers in marketing, ultimately driving readers to act sooner rather than later. Remember that people are often reading emails while they’re on-the-go and don’t have much time to focus on small details. Seeing a countdown timer lets your readers know instantly that they can’t sleep on what you’re selling and therefore need to act now.

Adding a free countdown clock for email marketing campaigns is a no-brainer for building urgency, especially if you’re running limited-time offers.

2. Use Numbers to Your Advantage

On a related note, our brains process numbers much quicker than they do words. This means that any opportunity you can to use numerical values within your emails is a major plus.

For example, stating “15% off” versus “fifteen percent off” is subtle yet significant to signaling a deal to your readers. Another way to use numbers is to denote price-slashing or how long something is being offered (think “24 Hour Flash Sale!”).

Again, such a tip might seem minor and not much of a big deal; however, numbers make your offers look much more enticing for readers at a glance

3. Focus on a Single CTA

The fewer places your readers have to click and wander around your emails, the better.

Zeroing in on a single call-to-action, whether it be an image or a text-link, helps guide your readers to take the exact actions that you want them to take. Make sure that you provide something to click, ideally above the fold so that it’s difficult for them to miss. You’d be shocked at how many marketers sink their emails because of poor CTA placement.

4. Keep it Short

Oftentimes marketers tend to be too wordy and try to say way too much in their offer emails when their deals could quite honestly speak for themselves. You don’t need to spend paragraph upon paragraph on your half-off sale when a single image or sentence could say it all, right?

As noted earlier, people are incredibly busy these days: simple and scan-friendly emails will always trump massive walls of text.

Looking to take your offer emails to the next level? Simply follow these tips as close as you can: you may be surprised how these simple changes can potentially transform your offer messages’ performance.