business recognition tips guidesWith new companies popping out every day, it becomes very hard to stand out from the competition. Word of mouth is still one of the most powerful ways your business gets recognition and customers. While it is hard to build up, there are many creative ways on making your brand more recognizable, which could be the first step in getting loyal to your business audience.

Start Local

Even if you are a broad business that provides services worldwide, start on building up the relationships with real people close to you. What matters to them? What are they day-to-day problems and how your company or probably your business solution can help? Being even part of the solution for the small community is a strong signal for your company to be recognized and spoken about. Contribute to local initiatives and become a sponsor of events, festivals, seminars. Creating temporary tattoos with a subtle branding can be a fun way to attract attention to your company.

Develop relationships with local reporters and create content for local publishers. What are the topics where your company can be an expert? Sharing insights on issues you have competency in is valuable contribution to the community of a responsible business.

Use Your Space

Work on making each contact with your business pleasant and memorable. Sometimes it is helpful to think literally: besides having informative and helpful customer service and making your service or product user-friendly, make sure you use your businesses physical space as well. If a random person visits your office, store or has your product in their hands – how do they know it’s yours? For how long they remember a visit? Take advantage of every bit of your space: use floor and wall decals with your logo, stickers on desks, laptops, machines.

Your product’s appearance also represents you. Be thoughtful about the unboxing experience: don’t forget to personalize the packaging. Custom labels and a branded tape can be a good starting point to do this in a low budget.

Celebrate Accomplishments

Have you launched new product? Why not to share the news with your clients by giving them dedicated to this custom sticker towards with their purchase? Celebrate significant business accomplishments with your clients in a creative way: organize flash mobs, give handouts, create flash games, be as much interactive as possible! Use each of it as the opportunity to spread the awareness about your business.

Let Your Customers Talk About You

Make your happy customers to be a part of your promotional campaign. Encourage them to share their experience of using your product or service with friends via reviews or social media. Ask for their opinion about what should be improved, show them that you care. They would want to pass over your dedication to those they care about.

Create loyalty programs to make staying with you beneficial to your clients. Create blasts on social platforms with discounts, special offers or practical tips on hot topics that they can’t miss to share.

Remember, a good branding is possible not only with a huge budget on hands. Staying creative on using everything you have in front of you and truly caring about your audience are the key success factors of creating a memorable business.