landing page tips guidesMany businesses use landing pages to inform about special offers or to capture marketing leads. The most significant advantage of it is that landing pages are easy to create – if you’re using the right tool, of course. But what would you say about easy and free landing pages?

First Things First: What Is a Landing Page, Exactly?

A landing page is a website used in marketing campaigns often. It’s simple, easy to create and usually it has exactly one purpose. During and after the campaign, you can easily measure its effectiveness. What are the most popular goals of a landing page?

  • Product or company presentation
  • Click-through to another website
  • Newsletter or event signup
  • Product sales
  • Coming soon

What Are the Key Pros of a Landing Page?

It’s easy to create. If you use the proper tool, you won’t need any help in creating your own landing page! You don’t need to hire an IT team – if you need a landing page, you can build one yourself. Landingi app offers you over 200 ready-to-use free landing page templates – you just need to choose one of them, change what you need to change and… publish! It’s that simple!

Even without any IT knowledge, you’ll be able to create your landing page in under an hour. A simple, intuitive drag&drop system allows you to modify any template just the way you want. You can also start from scratch and set every element on your website alone!

When you’re finished, connect owned domain or publish on Landingi domain, and you’re good to go! After you launch your campaign, you can track any results, and modify your landing page in the meantime. See how many leads have your website generated, how high is it’s conversion rate or run some A/B tests to improve its efficiency.

How to Create a Landing Page for Free?

Most of landing page builders are being sold in SaaS (software as a service) business model. That means you have to pay for a monthly subscription. It’s a regular practice, but not everyone wants to risk and pay for something which he or she can’t test before. This is where Landingi strikes in – all you need to do is sign up and receive your 14-day free trial!

What’s so special about this trial? It gives you access to free landing page creator for two weeks with a possibility to test every available plan, not only the cheapest. Also, there’s no restriction on a number of landing pages you can create during the free trial. Use this time to test any option you like freely. Also, we won’t ask you about your credit card data – if we say it’s free of charge, that means it really is.

Find out more about Landingi trial and see, how it is to create free landing page all by yourself! Sign up and start building!