how do companies benefit from preventive maintenance planWhen it comes to employing maintenance strategies, there are basically 2 options that companies can turn to. While few companies employ strategy known as Reactive maintenance in which the rule of “don’t fix it unless it breaks down” approach is opted for. The other approach is to keep all equipments monitored and maintained on a regular basis so that the chances of “breakdown” are minimal or seldom. Many companies prefer to opt for the former approach because for the time being it appears that they are saving some cash.

In other words, savings are for a short term period but in the event there is a major breakdown, then these very companies might have to shell out a fortune just to keep the machinery and their assets in a working condition. So, aside from this let us find out what the other benefits of preventive maintenance plan are. The same has been discussed in the paragraphs that follow. So, read on for better insight.

Advantages of Preventive Maintenance Plan

Check out the benefits of the above in the following points. It may be mentioned here that under most of the circumstances, the latter approach is usually facilitated using CMMS or Computerized Maintenance Management Systems.

  • This approach usually improves the longevity or the lifecycle of assets that can allow companies to do away with capital replacements.
  • With this plan, the chances of keeping the equipments in running condition are high and also they are able to efficiently deliver without allowing the power expenses to skyrocket
  • Most importantly, uptime is significantly increased which in turn allows performance to excel.
  • Since uptime and performance are closely linked and minimal instances of downtime ensures that the company’s productivity improves greatly. Internal as well as external services are effective and efficient. The team is better able to take care of smaller issues since there is no sudden breakdown to be dealt with.
  • It is not just about upkeep of assets, equipment, and machinery. But the ones operating machinery are also at increased risk of occupational hazards if the equipment is not working in optimum condition. As such, from the point of view of safety, preventive maintenance plan is essential too. It can save lives and ensure that workers are safe in their working environment. After all, a failure to do so can cost a worker his life.

How Is Profit Related to Preventive Maintenance Plan?

Aside from all the benefits mentioned above, it can be safely said that performance is sure to look up. Besides, performance of equipments is determined by few factors which include not just the equipment quality but also the environment in which the equipments have to perform.

As far as profits are concerned, there is a close relation between the two. There are many such companies that bank heavily on the output of their machinery and how well they perform. The better the performance, higher will be the productivity, which is essentially related to higher profits.

Role of CMMS in Preventive Maintenance Plan

Computerized Maintenance Management System plays a vital role in the upkeep of machinery and assets of the companies. And it won’t be wrong to say that without it, companies would have had to fumble in the upkeep of their equipments and assets. Why is it so?

With the help of CMMS, scheduling of maintenance tasks can be planned and worked out. Aside from that maintaining records, generating reports of maintenance work and schedules, repair related information and records; all these can be effectively documented by the software. Also, the schedule for inspection work can be recorded with the help of the software too.