why is it better to learn vim tutorials
Vim is a highly powerful and efficient text editor that you can use for many purposes. Vim isn’t like a programming language or a component of a language that you need to learn to develop certain kinds of apps; instead, the reason why it is better for you to learn Vim is because it will prove to be a very useful tool for developing apps. So just look up some of the best vim tutorials online or elsewhere and start learning because:

Very Powerful Editor

Vim is a very powerful text editor that is used pretty much everywhere. To fully grasp how powerful an editor it truly is, you need to use it for yourself and see. Just to get a basic idea, Vim was released in the early 1990s. It’s still not obsolete or even close to being obsolete. It is still updated all the time. So you can imagine. It packs awesome features like file finders with just part of the name, tab completion and what not.

Very Easy to Learn

You get proficient in using Vim with constant practice. Even so, just to learn a Vim course, there are many Vim tutorials that can get you through the basics in a matter of minutes or maybe an hour or two. This is because Vim reads sort of like a normal language. When you start thinking in Vim terms, it becomes easier and easier.

Available on Pretty Much Every Operating System

You can run Vim on any OS, including Windows, Mac and Linux. This makes it extremely easy to shift between working spaces if you use temporary spaces or if you have different PCs for home and work and maybe other work. You could even transfer the Vim code to any other application in case Vim isn’t available, like Notepad ++ and Komodo Edit.

Syntax Highlighting

syntax highlighting
Ever heard of the infamous syntax error? Of course you have. To avoid that, Vim has a syntax highlighting function. This function is awesome in the sense that every time you include a syntax in your code, Vim highlights it but only if it is put down correctly. If you insert a syntax and see that there is no highlight, you know there is a problem with the code and you need to solve it, pronto.

Super Easy Commands

We mentioned earlier that Vim is a very easy language. Well that is so mainly because its commands are extremely easy to learn. Seriously, like d for delete and I for insert. It’s basically like learning ABC.

Easy Reference to the Documentation in the Editor

So Vim comes with a whole lot of documentation that you can read to solve any problems you may have. But leaving the editor and then looking through the documentation is such a pain. Vim anticipated this, and made the documentation with the specifics available to you while you are still working in the editor. It’s like it has its own mind.