wordpress blogging tips guidesBlogging can be a soul-sucking endeavor sometimes. You could have the best content among your competitors but still not get readers to view your blog. Suffice to say this is not an activity for the light-hearted.

Like any blogger out there, your constant worry is how do I get more readers, right? The first item you could utilize is Promo code watch. Here users are present with discounts and coupon codes to sites such as Amazon, Wal-Mart among others. To generate readership give out the coupons to users who refer a certain number of friends to your blog. You could also give the coupons to say, the first 10 readers. This and the following tips are surefire ways of attracting readers to your blog:

Have Catchy Titles

No matter how great your content is, the title will determine how many readers your blog post will have. If your title is uninspiring or uninteresting, readers won’t bother reading the article. However, a catch title will draw in the reader to your work. Writing the title should be the last item you do. First, write the body of the article, go through the work to make sure it’s devoid of grammatical errors. This will allow you to come up with a catchy and imaginative title.


Your blog has a higher chance of getting a large readership if it’s at the top of the search engine results. This is achieved by search engine optimizing your articles. Make sure your article is as relevant to user’s internet search as possible. The first way is by having a title appropriate to people using the search engine. A description of the post should accompany the title of the article. The title will describe to the user what they can expect from reading the blog post. Utilization of this method will allow you to garner readers for your blog in no time.

Hyperlinking Your Posts

Once a reader visits your site, chances are slim they will look at your previous content. A neat trick to get them to read your previous work is by interlinking your previous article within your new content. This way you will grow their interest in reading your blog posts further. However, caution should be taken so as to not link too many articles such that you could end up confusing the reader. You should also strive to link to topics within the same subject.

Social Media

To me, this has been man’s greatest invention since the wheel. Social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook allow you to connect with people in various parts of the world. As a blogger, your opportunities are infinite. Try to build up your social media friends to as many as possible. Once you have a new blog post, advertise it to your friends. Having good posts will mean your initial readers will recommend the work to their friends and families. In no time, you could have legendary status in the blogging world. You can do these without breaking the bank.