It seems that the world from ten years ago is outdated when you compare it to today, and ten years is not that much time. Even so, imagining the time when we would not have been able to live the absolutely certain and standardized life we live today is nothing short of being cruel, and though the older generations will tend to go against the positivity brought upon by this change, we shall give a brief and complete outlook of how it has changed our lives.


health teachnology
Life expectancy has never been greater and surer than what it is right now, thanks to the advancement of science which has allowed medicine practitioners to dive down into the core of every problem ever created, and resurface with a solution. The development of precise instruments like Amscope microscope for dissections has allowed not only professionals, but also students to carry out in depth analysis and advance in their subjects.


The argument of financial opportunities decreasing does hold true, but with the rise of crypto currencies and more and more inventions to invest in, finances for well-educated and groomed people are definitely secured. Technology demands not only innovation, but also specialization, and when a team of devoted workers aims to achieve a common goal, there is nothing that can stop them. Overall, with more and more reliance on credit and alternatives, the financial system of the world is being secured thanks to technology.


Advancement in technology has allowed farmer associations the ability to reclaim their lands regardless of how saline the soil is, and has gone to make improved and modified seeds which grow so much faster and better. There have been health obstructions with these ways of growing food, but teams are busy in finding methods to obtain not only food security, but quality too. Considering how fast the pace of work is, it will not take them long to find perfect ways to make nutrition a problem of the fast.

Access to Everything

how has the advancement of technology changed our lives
Maybe the heading should have been a bit more specific, but that is exactly what technology has granted. Smartphones and miniature electronic devices have allowed access to everything in just a matter of touches and clicks, and the days where you had to wait to master an art or where age acted as your obstruction to learn are over. Depending on what your interest is, the online world will help you out, and then you can go on to help the world with it.

What is the Problem?

With just a few of the incredible ways technology has advanced our lives mentioned above, the overall picture may seem to look bright and problem free, but unfortunately that is not the case. Such convenience brings factions of people who are not exactly devoted towards working for the better of the world, and these people end up using this technology to fuel their ill motivations.

All in all, life without the technology today would be incomplete, but do not let it make you careless and disregard safer options.