how to make your site rank high on search enginesMost online entrepreneurs struggle to rank on the first top pages of Google. It is evident that ranking on top of Google first pages increases your chances of having high conversion rates.

However, ranking high on Google has proved to be an overwhelming task among most online entrepreneurs. Getting listed on Google cannot take a few minutes as some people tend to think. You need to follow certain strategies as outlined below.

Publish Relevant Content

If you are marketing your products and services, you need copywriting skills. When writing a promotional blog, your focus should be on your customer’s interest and not on your interests. Write a copy that solves your customer’s problems.

Tell them how they are going to solve their problems by buying your products or services. Empathize with your readers. Even though it might be hard at first, most people are likely to trust you because you have shown interest in helping them.

Update Your Content Regularly

Google is likely to rank sites that are up to date. Come up with fresh content that is meaningful often. You could update your content once or twice a week. If you create useful content, clients are likely to follow you up and check on your recent updates. They are also likely to purchase your new products in case of any.

You Should Give Your Page a Topic

The subject matter of your page should be a keyword phrase that someone is likely to search on Google. The keyword phrase is important because it improves your ranking. In this case, you need to be aware of conducting a keyword research. You should also ensure that your keyword phrase also appears on your content especially in the first paragraph. Your Meta description should have a keyword phrase, and you should use it naturally.

Your page should only have one subject. If you have another topic in mind, you can put on another page. In short, your content should be related in case you are dealing with a broad topic. If you don’t name your pages, they will appear on Google as untitled, and nobody would want to click on them.

Have a Proper Keyword Density

After finding out a suitable keyword, make sure that it is mentioned few times. If the keyword density is too high, your site might be penalized with keyword overstuffing.

Give Your Attention to Links

Google pays keen attention to hyperlinks. Links should be both internal and external. Internal links are those from your website while external links are those from other websites. It also examines the words you used in those links to determine the ranking of your page. You should, therefore, use links which are on web pages instead of using the phrase “click here”.

When linking to other websites, ensure that whatever you link is relevant to the topic. It should be useful to your reader.

Create Search Friendly Graphics

Did you know that giving images on your website attributes makes them easily accessible especially to those with visual problems? You can also place keywords on the attributes and make them visible on Google.

Create a Mobile Friendly Website

Most people do Google searches from their phones. If you want your content to be reached by many people, you should have the mobile friendly website that can be used quickly.

Use an Attractive Design

A good site should have properly organized pages, warm colours, which are likely to be popular. A good design helps Google to rank your site high.

Do Social Networking

Most people whose sites rank high on Google get much of their traffic from the social media. If you have many visits on your site, you are likely to rank high on Google. When you share your content on Google, people are likely to share it and the more it is shared, the more visitors you get.

Email marketing also works well especially if you make use of the sign-up button. You can update your subscribers every moment you create a new post.

Use Catchy Headlines

Engaging titles are likely to create interest in many readers. Once they see a catchy title, they are likely to click on your content and improve your Google ranking results.

A good title should evoke emotion; have accurate numbers especially odd numbers and have common words and unique words. You can use the headline analyzer as a tool to test the strength of your headline. A score of 70% is okay for a headline.

Make Your Content Shareable

As mentioned earlier, social media is a great way to help your site rank high due to the number of visits to your site. Once you add social media share button on your blog posts, those who read it and find it useful are likely to share them on different social media platforms.

You are prone to get more visits and increase the visibility of your site. You might then get natural links from other websites. Even though this is an indirect effect, it has a significant impact on the ranking of your site.

Google classifies websites that have been linked to other locations as good. SEO is an essential element to the ranking of your site. Even if you don’t have knowledge of SEO, you could hire an SEO company to help your site rank high on Google.