how-product-review-websites-affects-your-online-businessTo be clear, product review sites are websites where reviews can be posted about businesses, people, products or services. These websites may employ professional writers to author reviews on topics of concern or use Web techniques to gather reviews from site users.

Online Reviews are important!

In the beginning, online reviews were used for consumer products and restaurants; however, today reviews are being used for various kinds of businesses and professional services such as loan officers, auto repair shops, doctors and boutiques. Because reviews can help or hurt your business, it is important to know what people are saying about your online business.

Word of mouth will do it!

Word of mouth has been the way to find out about products and services for years; however, the Internet has heightened the information process when it comes to searching various products and services. The Internet is eclipsing the way people now seek out information. With the input of certain words, seconds later you are on the road to finding out about almost anything, especially when you are seeking information on something you want to buy or finding a doctor who can help you with a particular health concern.

Reasons why online reviews are important

Online reviews are important for your business since more than half of online consumers trust opinions posted online. People are constantly searching online for information on things to buy such as where to find spring clothes for the family or medicine for a family member who suffers from allergies.

Personal Recommendations can be quite helpful!

Another reason is that almost 100% of online consumers trust online reviews as personal recommendations. Of course, some online reviews are not genuine and anonymous; however, some online reviews are thoughtful, personal and helpful. Most importantly, online customers are more likely to share bad experiences than good experiences. As many know, it feels good to tell others online when you have been deceived because explaining the experience online may help someone else from going through the same bad experience.

Online Reviews: Categorized in three ways

Keep in mind; online reviews can be categorized in three ways; trumpeting, the canary in the coal mine and stop sign. Trumpeting is positive reviews about your business. The canary in the coal mine is lukewarm reviews that imply that something is not right with your product or service and stop sign is when there are many negative reviews.

Negative Reviews can turn into Positive Reviews

Interestingly, you can turn a negative review about your product or service into a positive review by replying to the negativity with an apology and a goodwill gesture such as offering a discount. Showing a positive light on a negative issue can be good for your business because it shows that you care and that you’re doing something about it.

Here is an example of a consumer product review website, TanklessHub that specializes in providing unbiased tankless water heater reviews.

Nowadays, each and every product has got it’s own review website that helps users in selecting the best available product in minutes.
To conclude, product review sites are websites where reviews can be posted about businesses, people, products or services.

Find out more about product review websites and how they can add value and substance to your business! With the many advantages of product reviews websites, it would be a shame not to check them out!