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Are you designing a website for your online business? Whatever might be the niche of your online business, designing a search engine friendly website is of utmost importance. When you wish the site to rank higher on the SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages), it is imperative for you to design the website in a search engine friendly manner at the same time. ClickSlice states that appearing highly in Google (SEO) is one of the most cost effective marketing channels as you are essentially receiving free traffic.

When you create a professional-looking, SEO-friendly website for yourself, it helps your site in receiving ample traffic while increasing the customer base at the same time. When you wish to improve the organic website traffic, it is recommended for you to make use of the right SEO strategies. Search engine optimisation (SEO) is referred to as the techniques used for improving the overall visibility of the site and consequently, the respective ranking with the search engines.

Most of the web designers out there tend to make the critical mistake of not paying attention to the SEO of the site while designing it. Most of these errors can be covered up or improved significantly, still the presence of major flaws in the website design could lead to loss of traffic and an overall unsuccessful business venture in the long run. When you are the business owner, it is vital to pay attention to the overall web design in mind by keeping it search engine friendly for the best results.

Top Ways to Make Your Site Design Search Engine Friendly

If you wish to make the most of the SEO tricks for web designing, here are some pro tips:

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  • Integrating Social Media in the Website Design: Search engines are known to value social media significantly, and so do the end customers. When you incorporate the essential elements of social media into the respective website design, it will help your site in ranking better with the search engines. When you are designing the website, it is important to make sure that you are including the essential social media icons in the website design. Moreover, you should aim at including the social media icons for all the social media platforms, including Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and others. This trick will not only help your site to rank higher amongst the search engines, but it will also reveal the end customers that your company is personable.
  • Make Use of High-Quality SEO Images: While most business owners aim at optimising only the content present on the site, it is important to pay attention to the images on the site as well. When you tend to optimise the images on the site, it will help in improving the search engine rankings for your site at the same time. When you wish to make use of high-quality, SEO-friendly images on your site, it is important to make sure that they are optimised well for delivering great user experience. Make sure that the images are not too large as it will increase the overall page load speeds. Ideally, you should aim at posting images between the size limit of 30Kb & 100Kb along with the image resolution of around 72dpi.

Additionally, the placement of the images on the site also plays a vital role in determining the site’s rankings on the search engines. Images that have a text section should have SEO-friendly content to optimise the ranking for your site. The more relevant you will make the image to your site, the better results it will provide with respect to the ranking of the site.

  • Website Planning: While planning the entire layout of the website, you should keep SEO in mind. You should pay attention to the URL structure along with the site architecture for the best results. The initial URL structure serves to be one of the most critical aspects of any web designing. When you are starting a website, you should aim at having URLs that are only two levels deep in the ranking. The deeper URL you will have for the site, it will become difficult for the page to rank higher on the search engines.

In addition to the URL structure and site infrastructure, it is also vital to pay attention to content usage throughout the site. The presence of strong content on your site is important for both enhancing the user experience and helping the search engines come across your site for the desired keywords.

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  • Placing Multiple Keywords in Different Places: While most site designers tend to focus on utilizing the keywords in the copy, they still forget paying attention to other areas of the site. The keywords should be placed not only in the copy of the site, but also across the entire design of the site. As discussed earlier, you can make use of keywords for optimising the images as well. Additionally, there are several other places throughout your site upon which you can make use of the relevant keywords.

The keywords can also be utilized in the H1 tags, title tags, meta descriptions, website slogans, H2 tags, navigation, meta tags, footer links, internal links, and so more. It is also important to note that you should not overuse or stuff the keywords.

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  • Making the Design Accessible: When your site is not accessible completely, it will tend to affect the overall conversion rates as well as rankings with the respective search engines. While designing the site, it is imperative for you to make sure that your site is available on the leading browsers that the end users tend to make use of. If it is not given prior attention to, your site might lose some of the potential customers who might not be able to access the respective products and services that your site has to offer.

Moreover, in addition to making your site accessible, you should also pay attention to the page loading speed of different pages of the site. The pages should load easily –both on web and the mobile interface, for enhancing the overall user experience.

Make use of the right strategies to help your site rank higher on the search engines.

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