vancouver seo helps vancouver companies with search engine optimization

With the rise of technology and how the internet is now accessible almost everywhere, the way businesses do marketing has evolved incredibly. New techniques meant to boost a company’s online presence are developed constantly, and with each new technique introduced to the market, even more, needs are satisfied.

These techniques can be described as digital marketing, a new form of marketing that, as stated over here, focuses entirely on the use of the internet to reach people through mobile devices, desktop computers, and laptops.

Understanding how technology works is important, but it is also important to understand the needs of your customers as well as their behaviors when it comes to owning devices like smartphones or tablets. For example, a lot of people using mobile devices consume a lot of social media, and one of the categories of digital marketing is social media advertising.

In this article provided to you by Vancouver SEO, we will talk about digital marketing as a way of creating an online presence, and discuss one of the many types of digital marketing, which is known as SEO.

Content-Based Advertising

The main objective of all forms of digital marketing is to create an online presence, and the same can be said of SEO. However, to understand SEO, we have to understand one of the many categories of digital marketing: content-based advertising.

As stated in this article, dealing with COVID-19 and quarantine has changed many things, and that is why finding methods to improve a company’s online presence has become so important. Content-based advertising is capable of doing that but in a very unique way.

vancouver seo helps vancouver companies with search engine optimization

Overall, content-based marketing has many advantages, and one of them is that it is cheaper in comparison to most other forms of digital marketing. However, it also has disadvantages, and we will discuss them later on. First of all, let’s describe what content-based advertising is.

This type of advertising focuses mainly on creating content that is deemed as useful by the community, thus, increasing the overall traffic of your website. The content provided should always be related to the niche of your company, since it increases the likelihood of receiving visits through searching engines like Google and Bing.

The reason why it is considerably cheaper (and even free, at times) is that someone who can write well enough and understand the basics of how to research to provide useful information is capable of doing this type of advertising.

However, that is also the main disadvantage of this type of advertising. Because of how accessible it is, a lot of companies can fill the market with their content, and it makes it difficult to stand out. However, a possible solution is something we know as SEO.

Understanding the Basics of SEO

vancouver seo helps vancouver companies with search engine optimization

Also commonly referred to as Searching Engine Optimization, it is a method of content creation that focuses on an extra thing besides providing high-quality content, and that is: making use of searching engines for the sake of improving a company’s online presence.

Searching engines like Google and Bing use a specific pattern of rules to look up information. Someone who knows how to properly apply searching engine optimization can create content that makes use of these rules to improve the priority of an article over others, so it gets more visibility when someone looks for related information.

Considering how many Google searches are done every second, this makes SEO a very powerful tool to create an online presence, but there’s a drawback:

  1. You need to understand how searching engines work to make use of it.
  2. Searching engines are constantly changing, so methods that were once capable of getting results can get obsolete out of nowhere.
  3. Learning how to apply SEO can take a lot of time and effort.

That is why companies often hire professional service providers instead.  A good example can be, a digital marketing agency that focuses completely on searching engine optimization.

SEO has its advantages, and it is highly recommended for small businesses starting out in the world of digital marketing because it is cheaper in comparison to other forms of advertising.

However, understanding other forms of digital marketing can help you out understand why, for some companies, SEO is a better choice, while for other companies, other categories are best.

Other Forms of Digital Advertising

vancouver seo helps vancouver companies with search engine optimization

There are many types of advertising a company’s products or services. We talked about content-based advertising, for example, but there are many other categories, and we will cover most of them in this segment.

  • Mobile Marketing: This category focuses on the use of mobile devices, and more specifically speaking mobile apps. A good example of this is the ads displayed in mobile games or apps that are regularly used by people.This category works great for companies that provide services that can be used through the use of an app and can be downloaded as soon as the person watching the ad touches the screen. Might not be that great for selling products, though.
  • Social Media Marketing: this one focuses on the use of social media websites, such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Reddit. Considering how popular social media is, it is quite effective, but it can be kind of expensive.Most of the time, the ads involved in this category are either videos or images. It also requires a proper marketing campaign with a strategy and a specific approach, so it can be quite difficult despite how simple it sounds.This one is great for most types of companies, regardless of products or services, which taking Instagram for example, with buy Instagram followers, this will immediately boost your reach and traffic which later can be useful for any marketing effort.
  • Email Marketing: this one makes use of the emails which people use to register on a company’s website for the sake of distributing information about discounts and new products. This is a very strong form of marketing, but to make use of it, you have to have some trick up your sleeve.For example, a very common strategy is providing freebies for people that decide to register on your websites, like a one-time discount or an informative guide or e-book.This type of marketing is great for those companies that make use of trust and interact with their customers in a healthy way.

Of course, there are more types of digital marketing, and you can find most of them over here, each one focusing on different things. Understanding them makes it easier to understand the great value of SEO, and how marketing has changed over the last few years. If you get to know them better.