newsletter marketing tips guidesA newsletter is an important tool for all website owner and blogger. You will have a much intimate way to communicate with your visitor through the newsletter. Moreover, this tool can be used to keep your visitor away from your website or blog. In the simplest way, you can keep your traffic level at the normal level and even increase it with the newsletter.

Now, if you use WordPress, there is one newsletter plug-in you can use for the purpose of sending a professional newsletter to your subscribers. It’s called SendinBlue, and it was created to make the process of sending newsletters from the WordPress admin panel a piece of cake for anyone. You can easily install, adjust, and start your newsletter with the SendinBlue plug-in. Here is how you can get started.

Install the SendinBlue plug-in

Just like when you install other WordPress plug-ins, you just need to search this plug-in in on the “Plugins” menu. You can find it on your blog admin page. Use SendinBlue keyword to find the plug-in. And once you find the “SendinBlue Subscribe Form and WP SMTP” option, choose it to install it on your blog. After it’s finished, do not forget to “Activate” the plug-in.

Start the Newsletter Stuff

Now, you have SendinBlue installed on your blog. What you need to do next is creating the subscription page for your visitor. Make sure you create the interesting, easy to notice, and convincing page, so your visitor will subscribe for your content.

SendinBlue provides a simple feature to create the subscription page. You just need to choose the “Forms” option from SendinBlue menu. Then, you can do many things from this point. But first, choose the “Add New Form” option to create the new subscription page that you want.

Once your new page was created, you can edit it. If you know how to use HTML programming or language, you can choose the HTML text editor. It will give you more freedom to create any kinds of pages that you want. Otherwise, use the standard menu and option. Do not worry about it. The most important in create newsletter is the content and how you present it.

Still, on the same page, you also can add many options to your subscription page. With SendinBlue, you can add a CAPTCHA, a Terms & Condition acceptance checkbox, and even choose the theme that you want. Once you are finished with the appearance, the next thing to do is making it work like what you want.

This is an important step because it will affect on how your newsletter performance. In this step, you need to insert different parameters for your visitor that you want to invite to join your newsletter. Some of the important parameters you need to adjust are:

  • The contact list for new subscribers – So, after they join, you know which list you should put them.
  • Confirmation email – this is an option for your new subscribers, so they know that they’ve joined.
  • Double opt-in process.
  • Landing page URL confirmation – it is important, so your visitor will be guided to the content that you promote or they want.

After you’ve finished all those processes, the last thing to do is activating your newsletter campaign. Firstly, make the newsletter form that you’ve just created appear on your blog page. For this purpose, open the “Appearance” menu from your admin page, then choose “Widgets”, and add the “SendinBlue Widget” option.

Now, you can choose the “Campaigns” option, then the “Create an email campaign” option for creating your first newsletter campaign. The SendinBlue plug-in allows you to do many adjustments here. You can create the campaign from scratch or use the existing template from “Template Gallery” option.

The Most Important Thing

Yes, SendinBlue is a really great tool. However, in order to create a successful newsletter campaign, you can’t forget several important factors below:

  • The promoted content – it must be the best content you have in your blog, which will make your visitor interested to join the newsletter.
  • How you present it – write the campaign as if you are talking directly to your visitor. It will make them feel that you are human and have a better chance to join.
  • Straight to the point – do not use the complicated word. Tell what you want directly and clearly.
  • Sending frequency – frequent means you can’t send them too often, but in the right period of time. That way, your visitor won’t see your campaign as spam.


The SendinBlue plug-in is a good newsletter plug-in for WordPress. Now, you just need to install it and use the tips above to invite more visitors.