how to find the best web hosting providerThere’s a lot to be said about a good quality web host and the tricky thing is, it’s hard to know you’ve picked the wrong one until it’s far too late. All the ‘great deals’ that are advertised, the ‘unlimited’ everything that they claim to provide, it all makes you think you’re onto a good thing but when it comes to the crunch, you could be seriously regretting your choice of web host within a few months.

What you thought was a sleek, professional looking website can come back to bite you if you’ve opted for the wrong web host. That is why you should always do some careful research before you decide which one to go for. They may all sound like they offer similar services at similar prices but until you’ve experienced the service for yourself, you really don’t know.

Luckily, you can call on the experiences of other people that have ventured into the sometimes, unpredictable world of web hosting to get a good idea of the quality of web hosts that are available. Although, it should always be considered that all web hosts cannot be judged on the same level of criteria.

Some are more suitable for specific requirements than others may be. For example, some work well with WordPress sites, some can offer great Uptime. So many different variables in terms of quality, because it solely comes down to what you want from a website.

Do you want to sell products to global-wide customers on your website or is it a more basic signpost to drive potential customers to contact you through the details/contact from provided? Do you need ensure a high level of security on your website because you deal with potentially sensitive details or is there literally nothing that you need to be worried about in terms of hacking? All of these factors should be taken in to consideration when you’re selecting a web host.

To make things easier, here is a list of some of the key factors you should consider when trying to find the best web host for your website:

CMS Compatibility – As mentioned before, some hosts fully support the use of Content Management Systems such as WordPress. There will inevitably be problems if your web host doesn’t work well with your choice of CMS. You should be able to view existing websites to take a look at how well they work with the web host.

Uptime – It is crucial for all websites that they are available as much as possible. If a potential customer tries to visit your website and it cannot be displayed then they probably won’t try to visit it again, they will think your website is permanently unavailable. Check if the web host has an Uptime guarantee before you make your selection.

Customer Service – The level of customer service each host provides can vary massively. Check if they have any SLA for response times, whether they offer online chat facility and what hours they operate (particularly if they are based in a different time zone).

Type of Web Host Service – There are a number of different types of web host, such as shared, VPS and dedicated hosting, so it is important that the host you go for has the right type if service for your requirements.