social media marketing traffic generation tips guidesMany entrepreneurs create and publish content to build their audience and increase the number of visitors to their website. This is a good point, however, to get the most traffic you have to stream your content outside your site and that’s where social media will help you. I guess you think it’s obvious, but let me share with you a little tip! To get even more traffic to your content, share your articles more than once on social media.

Choose the Appropriate(s) Platform(s)

You have to decide which social media sites are the best fit for your business. There are many; Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, Youtube, Pinterest, etc. Each of these platforms are useful if you know how to exploit them and adapt them to your activity. For example, if you are a photographer and would like to promote your photos online: choose Instagram, Pinterest or Facebook. If you are a communication agency producing promotional videos, Youtube will be perfectly adapted. Anyway, the choice of the platform must be relevant, depending on the media strategy that you have decided to implement.

Provide Share the Button

The structure of your site is also essential, plan sharing buttons on the pages of your website and blog so that users can easily share your posts.

Vary Your Content and Post Frequently

The whole thing is to do this intelligently and subtly. There is no question here that you should have a blog and publish your posts at least once a week. Also don’t forget to share them on all of social media platforms that you use, make sure to share them as soon as your post is live. There is one thing to note, don’t get too intrusive as overdoing it can make it look spammy, and that’s definitely what you don’t want! Posting too much on social media can even decrease your the list of your subscribers, make sure to play it smart.. The idea is to adapt to each of the social network and the keep the pace of updates natural for each social network. Posting the same thing over and over again would definitely make any social media user get angry with you.

Also, vary the networks where you will post your content. You can publish your article on your profiles Linkedin, Facebook and the groups to which you belong, if it remains coherent, you won’t be blamed by anyone. Remember that people who follow you on social media are not like subscribers to your RSS feed that receive your articles as soon as they are published. On social media, what we see is selective (whether it comes from an algorithm or has spent a post lifetime). So, if you do not stream your content over multiple platforms, it can go completely unnoticed. Most of social media platforms have tuned their algorithms to show the posts to more people if these posts get a lot of engagement from users early. Most of successful business use social media agencies such as to boost their posts immediately after posting them, which helps to reach a broader audience and attract much more attention to the post. These services are available for everyone these days as these companies charge as low as $1.99 for their lowest engagement on social media packages.

Posting Frequency Checklist: Make Sure You Are Not Too Invasive

If you want to share your content more than once, you must follow a few rules:

  • Is your content relevant to the people who follow you?
  • Do not post everything! Create a schedule, adapt the content and frequency to the network, and ensure that there is a reasonable time between posts.
  • Do not adopt the behaviors that annoy YOU as a subscriber, set limits.
  • What you broadcast must have value, in fact, be useful.

Once you have established your limits, your quality charter, you can set up a schedule that will help you to distribute your articles more than once, without falling into the “spam-attitude”.