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You have done your research and know that CBD gummies will be your new business venture. You may have even been inspired by companies like Verma Farms with their awesome CBD gummies. You have worked your way through the legalities and know how to run your business completely on the up-and-up. You are ready to roll out your products and sit back while customers flock to your product.

There is just one problem. You are not allowed to advertise. This seems wrong considering new companies are opening up on a daily basis, and people can’t seem to get enough. You would think with the new legalization and all the hype, that the doors would be wide open for new companies to advertise their products everywhere. But this is not the case. Paid advertising for CBD products is still banned on most platforms.

Despite the restrictions on paid advertising, you can still get your products in front of your audience. It will just take some time, effort, and creativity in order to get your product in front of your customers. But you have a CBD gummy brand, so motivation and creativity should be no problem. Take some CBD gummies and keep reading for ideas about how to get around the social media rules, positioning your brand in front of all your future loyal customers on Instagram.

Set Up a Killer Targeted Bio

First thing’s first. Your bio will tell potential customers if they are interested in following your IG account, or if you are a brand to pass up. First impressions are everything, and your bio is likely going to be your first impression for many potential followers.

You need to create a targeted bio to reach exactly who you want to reach. Figure out who your customers will be. Make it specific. Are you looking to reach Wall Street executives in the Manhattan area? Maybe runners who belong to clubs in Denver. Then make that clear in your bio.

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Additionally, Instagram users are there for the visuals, so give them what they want and keep their interest by including a logo or photo of yourself in your bio. It is a good idea to use a logo if your brand is more product-oriented, and a photo if your brand is more personal.

Create a Call to Action to Get Followers Involved

This can be as simple as telling people to follow your account, go to your website, or like, comment on, or share a post of yours. Whatever it is, by asking something of the people your account is in front of to do something for you, it gets them involved and immediately into your community.

Telling people to visit your website and providing a link will get your products and your brand directly in front of them, where they can make a purchase. Asking them to follow you or like your posts will get them involved in the IG community you are trying to build. And having them share your posts will make your IG account immediately visible to all of their followers.

Use Story Highlights to Showcase Top Products

Story highlights are a great place to get your best products front and center. This is also a great place to propagate your brand. Your brand should have its own look and feel, and you should use consistent colors and messages to promote your products. Use the story highlights part of your IG to further instill a sense of identity with your followers.

Content, Content, Content

Your content is the reason anyone at all ever looks at your IG. So it is vital that you post engaging, interesting, useful content. And not just on a whim or whenever you feel like it. Ideally, you will post content on your IG daily.

When you post on your account, it needs to be engaging. A meme a day may sound easy, but it will not get your followers involved for very long. In order to grow your account, your posts need to be something they will stop scrolling to read or watch, like, and comment on.

Videos, educational, product, and inspirational posts need to be the bulk of your posting, with the occasional funny meme thrown in. Create a schedule for yourself to keep track of your percentages. For example, post a funny meme on Monday, but then something educational on Tuesday, a product feature on Wednesday, an inspirational post on Thursday, and a video on Friday.

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Not everything has to be entirely your original content. Feel free to occasionally share things from other users or blog posts. Just be careful to ensure that you are not sharing things from your competitors.

Hashtags and Influencers

When people search for something on Instagram, the posts containing hashtags related to the things they search for will come up. Additionally, when they follow an influencer and that influencer promotes your product, it is almost like getting a word of mouth recommendation. Make the most of the fact that everything is connected on IG, by putting your hashtag game front and center in addition to getting a good influencer that matches your brand’s message.

Use hashtags and influencers that will reach your specific audience. If you want to sell your product to cyclists in Lake Tahoe, you don’t want to use hashtags like, #laidback or influencers that give off a business oriented vibe. You want to make sure that every part of your message fits your brand and speaks to your intended audience.

You’ve Got This!

You have faith in your product and you know your CBD gummies are the best around. The trick is getting everyone else to see your product, especially when paid advertising for CBD is banned on Google, Facebook, Instagram, and many other social media platforms. But with some creativity and persistence, you can create an engaging Instagram account sure to position your product in front of exactly the people who will invest in your brand. So do yourself a favor, take some CBD gummies, and get started creating the perfect #content.