how to improve your instagram presence
Every day, social media becomes an increasingly important aspect of our lives. Whether you’re communicating with friends, exploring a new hobby, or finding a business opportunity, social media has become integral to our day to day activities.

This trend has also placed more importance on the way that you present yourself on different social media platforms. The profile picture you choose, the content that you post, the people that you follow, and the communities that you engage with are all important components of your presence on social media.

Many users struggle to build a presence for themselves. Doing so can be quite difficult in a world where everyone has 5+ social media accounts and follows hundreds of their friends. On Instagram, users try to differentiate themselves with unique content, superior engagement with followers, and partnership with influencers. While you can certainly be successful using these strategies, there are a number of other steps you can take to accelerate growth and boost your presence on Instagram.

How to Increase Your Instagram Visibility

Use Instagram managers to your advantage

Services like SocialDrift allow you to be active on Instagram even when you’re too busy to be. SocialDrift uses artificial intelligence technology to engage with users, like posts, and comment on content 24 hours a day. This Instagram automation tool even lets you target your audience using specific hashtags, locations, and influential accounts. The best part is, it’s all automated, and once you get started, you can sit back and watch your presence grow.

Tell a story through your content

An important aspect of building an Instagram presence is telling a story through your content. When new users follow you, they’re interested in the content you post because of the story behind it. If you’re an athlete, users follow you to be kept up to date on your career and your development as a player. If you’re an artist, users follow you to watch how your creativity and skill evolves over time. If you’re a fashion blogger, users are interested in learning about the life you lead through the content that you post.

If you want to build a following, make sure that your posts share something about you. Offer updates about your life or business in your post descriptions to keep users interested in your story. Engage with followers who ask questions about your posts in the comments. Whenever you have an important milestone or achievement, tell your followers by posting about it.

Cross promote on other platforms

social media cross promotion
Building a presence on Instagram is a lot easier when you have an established presence on other social media platforms. If you already have an active Facebook page or a ton of friends on Snapchat, use those accounts to your advantage.

Post on Facebook and ask your friends to follow your Instagram account, or share your Instagram posts on Facebook. Similarly, make Snapchat stories about new content that you post on Instagram and link to your account.

Be consistent

Whenever you post new content on Instagram, your followers expect a certain consistency. Whether it’s the type of descriptions you write or the hashtags you use, you can develop a larger presence by being consistent.

If you always use a certain color scheme in your photos or you always write interesting quotes in your descriptions, your followers will appreciate consistency in your content. Try to make your account name very similar across platforms and stay active in the same communities. By building expectations for your followers and meeting them, you can build a strong Instagram presence.

Post often

While it’s important not to overload your followers with posts, a significant aspect of building brand recognition is frequency of exposure. Post 1-2 times per day, but don’t post multiple pieces of content at the same time. If posting from your phone is cumbersome, read this guide from Setapp on how to post on Instagram from Mac. Users will come to expect and look forward to your content being released. If the expectation is set, users will also go directly to your account to view new content.

Use Instagram Stories

instagram stories blonde girl
Stories are an awesome way to engage with your followers and build your presence. They offer an opportunity to show your followers a behind the scenes view of your life. Make sure to encourage users to check out your new posts in your stories.

You can also add links to your accounts on other social media platforms, which is a great way to build your overall social media presence.

Offer promotions for sharing your content

If you have an online business or you simply want to spread brand awareness, offer product promotions or giveaways for sharing your content. Give your followers discount codes or free products if they like your posts and tag a certain number of their friends. You can also encourage your fans to share your content for you on their page.

For instance, if you’re a fashion blogger, encourage followers to share your photos and videos on their own accounts and tag you. This way, you’re gaining exposure to all of their followers. Encouraging content sharing through promotions or giveaways is an awesome way to build Instagram presence.

Be active in your community

Building an Instagram presence is as much about other people’s content as it is about your own content. Frequently follow users that you’re interested in, like their posts, and interact with them in the comments.

Not only can you build relationships with other Instagram users, but their followers will see your activity and check out your page. By building a reputation in the community for being active and engaging, you can develop your own following and brand quickly.