5 interesting ways to use instagram story polls
Have you ever tried surveys to engage your community on Instagram? Since the beginning of October 2017, the social network dedicated to images has offered to ask questions in your stories.

We will then offer you throughout this article 5 relevant ways to use Instagram story polls, in order to make your brand presence in an original way.

How to use the “Survey” functionality creatively?

To stand out from the competition, companies need to be creative in developing surveys.

Here are some ideas for relevant surveys:

1. Gather opinions

Do you want to know what your audience wants? The survey is a quick and efficient way to get reliable answers.

For example, to get your audience’s opinion, you can ask them what they think:

  • product you offer
  • the size, the color, the shape of your photos
  • the preferred time slot to broadcast a Live on Instagram
  • the communication medium they prefer, for example, e-mail or SMS
  • topics you want to cover in a blog article

For example, the French webzine questions its readers about the trend of waders. Are their followers ready to adopt this fashion?

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2. Take advantage of trendy topics

popular topic in social media
Is an event or a trendy subject at the heart of all debates? Involve your audience in this discussion. To encourage users to participate and increase their engagement, ask questions in a fun or serious way about topics that the majority of your audience can relate to.

For example, Shopify is surfing the famous trend of Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday to interact with its community of e-merchants. It is a way to show its followers that the company is interested in the same events as them.

3. Propose a market study

Do you want to carry out a study with statistical data from your community? Engage your audience through a survey. The results can be used as part of a blog article, live, or in a post on social networks. For example, the company Activeig offers its community to comment on the “Survey” function of Instagram. To do this, it first collects the opinions of its Instagram followers and then uses it in its live.

4. Promote products in an original way

The survey function of Instagram also allows you to promote your products and learn a little more about the consumption habits of your customers. The interest is to show the extent of your catalog and to discover your new products in an interactive way. For example, the Milka brand uses Instagram surveys to promote the different ways of tasting its chocolates. It thus offers subtle and interactive advertising.

promote product through live video

5. Organize games

To get your followers engaged and offer them games, quizzes, or blind tests during which they will have to choose an answer. This format will generate many participants while allowing you to enhance your image. Google sometimes organizes blind tests via its Instagram stories. The company broadcasts a sound and offers two responses to Internet users. When they make their choice, the story goes to the next visual with the correct answer.

Photos courtesy of gettyimages.com